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Fly Neighbourly Advice for the Tasman National Park


Public comment is invited on the draft Tasman National Park Fly Neighbourly Advice. The draft Fly Neighbourly Advice has been prepared by the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service in response to increasing air traffic over the Tasman National Park.More

Hybrid diesel-electric shuttle buses at Cradle Mountain - a first for National p


When you next visit Cradle Mountain you will be able to step aboard one of the new hybrid, diesel-electric, shuttle buses on your trip to Dove Lake. These new buses will reduce emissions and deliver a quieter, all mobility friendly, visitor experience.More

AFAC Independent Operational Review of the 2018-19 bushfires


Following the 2018-19 bushfires the Tasmanian Government commissioned an independent report by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Council to review the overall response and identify areas where more can be done to improve the State's response andMore

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area


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How do I get to the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area (Arthur-Pieman)? 

The Arthur-Pieman covers over 103 000 hectares in Tasmania’s north-west, and can be accessed from three main roads.  From the east, access is through the A2 from Smithton, which joins the Arthur River Road (C214) just south of Marrawah.  This route provides the main access into the northern parts of the reserve.  Access from the north-east is through the Blackwater Road (C214).  From the south, travelling from Corinna, access is through the Western Explorer Road (C249).

Do I need to purchase a Parks and Wildlife Service Park Pass?

No.  The Arthur-Pieman is a conservation area. Park Passes are only required for national parks.

I intend to go four-wheel driving/motorbike riding/ATV driving in the Arthur-Pieman. What do I need to do?

You need to purchase a Recreational Driver Pass. With the purchase of your pass, you will receive a copy of the Arthur-Pieman Recreational Driving Guide which includes maps of the recreational vehicle tracks open for recreational drivers. (Signs on ground will also show you which tracks are available to explore.) Make sure you watch the Recreational Driving Video which details the hazards you are likely to encounter.

The fee for a 12 month pass is $50.00. A pass is valid for 12 months. Monthly passes ($30.00) are also available. Recreational Driver Passes can be purchased from the Parks Passes Portal, from your local Service Tasmania shop, or from the Arthur River Parks office (03) 6457 1225. Your pass fee contributes to track maintenance, land management and staffing within the Arthur-Pieman.

Note: A Recreational Driver Pass is not required for driving on the arterial roads C214 - Arthur River Road and Blackwater Road in the north and C249 - the Western Explorer in the south.

    Can I make changes to my Recreational Driver Pass at a later date?

Yes. Alterations to your pass may be made by phoning (03) 6457 1225 or in person at the Arthur River Park Office. A fee may be charged for alterations.

Alterations of the dates given may only be made prior to commencement of the permit period.

Access to APCA may be closed for short periods due to severe weather, fire or adverse track conditions.  PWS will consider a full refund for those affected by a closure for 1 month passes.  For 12 month passes there will be no refund given.

Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis if circumstances change and travel cannot be made during the pass period. Refunds will not be given in cash.

      Do I need to be an experienced 4-wheel-driver to explore the Arthur-Pieman?

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service wants your visit to the Arthur-Pieman to be safe and enjoyable. Many of the tracks require experienced drivers in high-clearance vehicles only. All intending drivers should watch the Recreational Driving Video as it contains critical information on the hazards you are likely to encounter. The best way to enjoy the Arthur-Pieman is go with a guide and/or join a 4WD club. Contact Four Wheel Drive Tasmania for information, or visit www.4wdtasmania.org.

      Some tracks are now only open to walkers. Why?

The significant natural and cultural values of the Arthur-Pieman Conservation area are now better protected by changes to the use of some recreational tracks. Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Brian Wightman, released a report about the future management of tracks in the Arthur-Pieman. The track decisions reflect the wide range of views, interests and values expressed by the many individuals and organisations that contributed to the track consultation process. Several reports and studies on natural, social and Aboriginal values provided valuable information that helped the decision-making process. The final report – the Arthur-Pieman Sustainable Recreational Vehicle Access Report 2012 - is available here. 

How do I know which tracks I can drive on and which are walker access only?

The Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Recreational Driving Guide contains detailed maps which show you the network of recreational vehicle tracks available for exploration. This guide is issued free when you purchase your Recreational Driver Pass from the Parks Passes, a Service Tasmania outlet, or from the Arthur River Parks office. 

On-ground signs also indicate tracks which are open to vehicular access. If a track is not signed as open – it is walker access only. Some tracks may also be temporarily closed. For recent local information regarding road closures and conditions, contact the Parks office at Arthur River on (03) 6457 1225 or see track condition notifications.

Can quadbikes and trail bikes be ridden on all recreational tracks?

Only those marked on the maps in the Recreational Driving Guide and on-ground are open for use. To drive on recreational vehicle tracks, you must purchase a Recreational Driver Pass. Your vehicle must be registered and drivers must be licensed

    My 15 year old son wants to drive or ride his motorbike/quadbike in the Arthur-Pieman. Is that OK?

    No. The same road rules apply in the Arthur-Pieman as out on the road.  Drivers must be licensed and vehicles must be registered. 

        Where can I go for a walk in the Arthur-Pieman?

    There are no constructed walking tracks in the Arthur-Pieman however you are free to walk anywhere within the Arthur-Pieman, that is not on private land. Bushwalkers should have detailed maps and usual safety gear. Tell someone where you are going, and your intended return time. Remember you are in a remote area.

        Can I drive on the dunes?

    Driving or riding over sand dunes other than on the approved tracks and the area known as “The Bowl”, immediately north of Alert Creek is not allowed.

        Where can I go camping in the Arthur-Pieman?

    There are 3 campgrounds in Arthur River. These have toilet and tank water facilities (no power). Other un-serviced campsites are marked on the maps in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Recreational Driving Guide. Please camp at established sites rather than creating new ones. Please wash at least 50m away from water sources, especially when using soaps or detergents. If bush-toileting, ensure you bury your faecal waste and toilet paper in holes 15-20cm deep at least 100m from water, campsites and tracks. Cover and disguise the hole when finished.

        Are there powered campsites for my caravan?

    No - however, there is a caravan park, the Arthur River Cabin Park, with tent sites, powered caravan sites and cabins located 2km north of Arthur River.  Facilities include toilets and hot showers.

        Are there toilet facilities in the Arthur-Pieman?

    Yes, but only at the three Arthur River campgrounds. Where there is no toilet, bury your faecal waste and toilet paper in holes 15-20cm deep at least 100m from water, campsites and tracks. Cover and disguise the hole when finished.

        Are rubbish bins provided in the Arthur-Pieman?

    No.  Please take all rubbish away with you. 

        Can I light a campfire in the Arthur-Pieman?

    Yes – but only in fireplaces provided.  Fires should not be lit on the ground. Wood is not supplied. Driftwood may be collected from the beaches. Chainsaws are not allowed in the Arthur-Pieman unless under special authority from Parks.  

        Can I go fishing in the Arthur-Pieman?

    Estuary fishing, surf fishing and diving for abalone and cray are all possible, however any fishing along the coast is dangerous. Freak waves and drownings have occurred. Arthur River fishing:  A licence is not required when salmon fishing in the Arthur River west of the bridge. Netting in the Arthur River is prohibited. Recreational Fishing bag and size limits apply throughout the Arthur-Pieman (refer Recreational Sea Fishing Guide).

        Can I ride my horse in the Arthur-Pieman?

    Horses are allowed under special authority from Parks. Contact the Parks staff at Arthur River for details and advice. Holding yards for horses are available at Marrawah, Arthur River and Rebecca Creek.

        Can I bring my dog to the Arthur-Pieman?

    Dogs are allowed in some parts of the Arthur-Pieman, but prohibited in Sundown Point/laraturunawn and West Point/nungu state reserves.  If beach walking with your dog, keep to the water’s edge, well away from shorebird nesting areas. Dogs caught chasing wildlife or annoying other visitors may be removed from the reserve. Dogs must be kept under control. Owners must collect their dog’s droppings.

        Can I buy food and fuel in the Arthur-Pieman?

    There are two small stores at Arthur River.  They supply basic grocery lines, ice, some hot food, fishing gear and baits.  No fuel is available at Arthur River.  Redpa General Store and Marrawah General Store are the nearest fuel outlets.

        Is there any accommodation like motels, holiday units, or hostels at the Arthur-Pieman?

    There are some accommodation options available outside the conservation area at Arthur River.  Contact the Stanley Visitor Centre on 1300 138 229 for details.