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CVS Licenses and Leases

Operating a business on reserved land

The Commercial Visitor Services (CVS) Unit provides information on obtaining a licence or a lease for conducting commercial activities on reserved land.

The CVS licensing system was introduced in 2000 at the request of and after extensive consultation with Tasmania’s tourism industry.

The CVS system is managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) and is designed to provide a "one stop shop" approach for persons wishing to conduct Tourism based commercial operations in areas managed by one or more of the following authorities:

  • PWS;
  • Crown Land Services,
  • Forestry Tasmania; or
  • Wellington Park Management Trust.

Why are licences required?

The CVS licensing system provides:

  • A mechanism for measuring and directing the use of crown land with the prime aim of ensuring these activities do not compromise conservation values;
  • A set of minimum standards of public safety and public liability cover;
  • Security of access for CVS contract holders; and
  • Operators with the opportunity to inform their customers of conservation values and the importance of conservation.

What you need to do

You may apply for a licence by completing a CVS Application form, providing supporting documentation such as relevant maps and an operations manual and paying the application fee of $150.00

To obtain an application form please contact (03) 6165 4247 or (03) 6165 4283 or cvs@parks.tas.gov.au

Before completing your application, we suggest you contact our CVS staff on (03) 6165 4247 or (03) 6165 4283 or cvs@parks.tas.gov.au to discuss your proposal.

CVS application form can be downloaded here.

Is it a Licence or a Lease?

If you are applying for a standard business licence, you will (subject to approval) be issued with a 5-year contract. The only ongoing fee is an annual licence administration fee of $300 (GST exclusive).

Please note that in some cases a 'Reserve Activity Assessment' (RAA) may be required if the activity you propose is new or has the potential for significant environmental impact.

However if your business is seeking exclusive use (licence) or occupation (lease) of Crown land or requires special monitoring or infrastructure, could you please contact our CVS staff who will be able to provide you with further information on the application and assessment process.

Please note that in such cases, the licence or lease and the return to Government is negotiated on a case by case basis by the relevant management authority.

If your business is providing a community based, rather than a tourism based, service (eg a post office, library) you will also need to contact our CVS staff who be able to explain the approval process to you.

Prior to Issuing a Licence

As you will be required to develop an Operations Manual prior to being granted a licence, we would suggest that you review this outline (PDF 49 Kb) to find out about the general requirements of this document.

If your business will provide commercial bushwalking tours on specific tracks, you will need to review the following documents to determine the classification of the track and the maximum party size and client to guide ratio.

Please note that prior to the issue of a contract, you will also need to provide evidence that you hold:

  • Public liability insurance cover to the value of $10 million; and
  • All other relevant certificates and licenses (eg Marine and Safety Tasmania, First Aid, CASA) required, which will be dependant on the type of your operation.

After the Licence has been Issued

While your licence will have a number of conditions that relate to your specific business or activity, you will also be required to obtain accreditation with the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania within 12 months from the commencement date of your licence.

The Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania web site will provide you with further information in relation to this process.