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Tarkine Drive visitor facility upgrades


A tender has been advertised for upgrades to visitor sites on the Tarkine Drive.More

New improved Fortescue Bay boat ramp


Work has been completed on a major upgrade of the Fortescue Bay boat ramp on the Tasman Peninsula.More

Next steps on the new Cradle Mountain visitor experience


A key milestone has been reached in the project to transform Cradle Mountain into a new world-class experience with the release of the Dove Lake Viewing Shelter Development Proposal and Environmental Impact Statement (DPEIS) for public comment.More

Coningham Nature Recreation Area closed until further notice


The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is seeking the cooperation of the public in not entering the Coningham Nature Recreation Area following the bushfire that started on Friday, January 11.

The reserve was closed on Sunday in a bid to ensure public safety due to the danger of falling trees and ongoing fire management operations.

Mike Garner, PWS acting parks and reserves manager Huon South, said that while the fire is contained and mopping up is occurring, PWS fire fighters are patrolling the reserve and any visitors to the reserve will impact on these activities as well as compromise their own safety.

"There are still a lot of dangerous trees adjacent to walking tracks, fire trails and fire breaks which need to be assessed and removed if necessary," Mr Garner said.

"We have put up barriers to stop people from entering the reserve, however some people have been curious to see what impact the fire has had and have walked straight past them.

"For that reason signs have been placed at all access points and we ask the public to respect these signs and to not enter the reserve, for their own safety.

"Trees are still coming down following the fire and a contract tree faller has been organised to commence work later this week."

The fire at Coningham burnt approximately 750 hectares in total, of which approximately 350 hectares, is within the reserve.

While it is anticipated the reserve will be reopened early next week, people are advised to stay out of the reserve during windy conditions for the next few weeks.

Fences and gates which have been damaged in the fire will be replaced at a later stage.

For further information, contact Mike Garner on 0427 648 467.