Our Latest News

Tarkine Drive visitor facility upgrades


A tender has been advertised for upgrades to visitor sites on the Tarkine Drive.More

New improved Fortescue Bay boat ramp


Work has been completed on a major upgrade of the Fortescue Bay boat ramp on the Tasman Peninsula.More

Next steps on the new Cradle Mountain visitor experience


A key milestone has been reached in the project to transform Cradle Mountain into a new world-class experience with the release of the Dove Lake Viewing Shelter Development Proposal and Environmental Impact Statement (DPEIS) for public comment.More

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Plan Limited Review


In December the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is starting a limited, mid-term review of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (WHA) Management Plan. Reviewing a plan that covers 20% of Tasmania can be a major exercise, however because the plan was fully reviewed in 1999 and will be fully reviewed again in 2009, this mid-term review is more limited in scope. We are only looking to update critical issues, not review the plan's objectives, structure or broad management approach.

You are invited to contribute to the review. Please refer to our WHA Plan Review web pages for further details.