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New picnic facilities for Penny's Lagoon


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed the construction of a new picnic shelter at Penny's Lagoon within the Lavinia State Reserve on King Island.

Celebrating World Ranger Day


The work of Tasmania's rangers is vital in the daily management of our 19 national parks and more than 800 reserves, encompassing approximately 50 per cent of the State.

Southwest ecological burns important for orange-bellied parrot conservation


Planned ecological burns in Southwest National Park will help regenerate important habitat areas for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.More

Bright future for Gunns Plains Cave


Gunns Plains Cave lessees Geoff and Trish Deer are celebrating five years of operation and looking forward to a bright future.

The Deers said that they are pleased with visitation to the cave, which celebrated 100 years as a visitor cave in January this year. Last year was a record year for visitors to the caves, with 11,500 visitors recorded. The Deers lease the cave from the Parks and Wildlife Service.

"Things are going well with the business and in fact, visitation is up 27 per cent from when we took on the lease," Mr Deer said.

"We think it shows that cave tourism continues to have a strong appeal."

Mr Deer said that the major upgrade of cave lighting completed last year has had a very positive effect.

"The new system uses much less energy; in fact we've gone from using 15 kilowatts of power to only 810 watts to light the cave. That means much less heat is generated and it's much healthier for the cave environment.

"The new lighting was designed to create a bit of mystery in the cave and it works! People are looking and thinking as they go through the cave, rather than having to listen to us talking during the entire cave tour.

"From our point of view, it's been a good partnership between ourselves and the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS)."
PWS acting Northwest Region manager, Stuart Lennox, said that the partnership with the Deers has been good for the reserve and for local tourism.

"Part of this appeal relates to Geoff and Trish, who provide professional tours and add value to the experience with their extensive local knowledge," Mr Lennox said.

"Tasmania's show caves each have their own particular features that offer the visitor a distinctly different experience to that of the other three show caves in Tasmania and with the upgraded lighting system, Gunns Plains Cave now provides a very visually appealing scene as visitors walk through the cave.

"We wish the Deers well and look forward to an ongoing productive partnership for the future."