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Hybrid diesel-electric shuttle buses at Cradle Mountain - a first for National p


When you next visit Cradle Mountain you will be able to step aboard one of the new hybrid, diesel-electric, shuttle buses on your trip to Dove Lake. These new buses will reduce emissions and deliver a quieter, all mobility friendly, visitor experience.More

AFAC Independent Operational Review of the 2018-19 bushfires


Following the 2018-19 bushfires the Tasmanian Government commissioned an independent report by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Council to review the overall response and identify areas where more can be done to improve the State's response andMore

Improved Park Pass System for our National Parks


The Parks and Wildlife Service will implement a new park pass system for our national parks in May next year.More

Track, Campsite and Reserve Closures and Re-openings

From time to time, tracks, campsites and reserves will be closed for a variety of reasons, including safety risks such as high fire danger or track improvement works.

While we try to keep this page up to date, closures or re-openings can sometimes happen at short notice. For that reason, we also recommend checking the Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page.

Short-term and short-notice closures will also be listed on notice boards at the reserve.

For further information on track, reserve or campsite closures, please contact local rangers. See our Office Contacts for the relevant contact details.

Additional resources

Wild weather is on its way

Updated 8 August 2019

Walkers are advised that cold, wet and windy weather with snow to low levels is forecast over the next few days. Walkers may wish to revise their plans.

For further information on bushwalking in Tasmania, please see our Essential Bushwalking Guide. For the latest weather forecast, see the Bureau of Meterology web site.

Temporary closure of the Montezuma Falls Walking Track

Updated 24 July 2019

Due to recent landslips the Montezuma Falls Walking Track has been temporarily closed due to safety concerns.

Parks and Wildlife Service are working towards reopening the track as soon as possible.

For further details contact the West Coast Field Centre on 03 6409 1020 or: PWS.WestCoast@parks.tas.gov.au

Bruny Island - Toilet upgrade

Updated 19 July 2019

Visitors to the lighthouse should be aware that site works are beginning on Monday 22 July.

The old toilets at the lighthouse will be closed. The closest toilets can be found prior to reaching the lighthouse, at Jetty Beach, which is 5 km to the north.

Visitors are asked to take care on the roads as there will be multiple trucks and vehicles involved with the works.

Work will continue for approximately 2 weeks.

Ben Lomond - Visitors must carry snow chains

Updated 16 July 2019

With winter officially upon us Ben Lomond visitors are reminded to please ensure that you have snow chains with you. All vehicles driving beyond the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park must carry correctly fitted snow chains at all times during the snow season (June to October) and adhere to any signage directing the fitting of chains.

Conditions may change throughout the day and, while it may be possible at times to drive to the village without chains, it may be too dangerous to drive down the mountain if it snows or water on the road freezes. If you don’t have snow chains you can access the ski village by using the transport service run by Snow Sports from the Ben Lomond Lower Car Park. Snow Sports is a private business and can be contacted on 03 6390 6185 or via www.skibenlomond.com.au Chains are not available for hire at the mountain.

Daily road conditions are available by calling 0429 646 557. This message is reviewed and updated daily by the PWS.

Snow conditions are available through the Ben Lomond Committee webpage www.benlomond.org.au

To check forecasts and the latest weather conditions refer www.bom.gov.au

Be sure to buy your park pass online National Parks Passes before heading up the mountain. Due to conditions on the mountain you will not be able to buy your pass after you arrive.


Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake webcam outage

Updated 16 July 2019

The Cradle Mountain webcam is currently out of order due to snow damage to the electrical infrastructure. Repairs will be undertaken as soon as possible. For further information please contact Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre on (03) 6492 1110.


Frenchmans Cap - Lake Tahune Hut

Updated 5 July 2019

PWS are aware of reports that the Lake Tahune Hut door had become jammed shut. Access to the hut is possible, but the door will need to be replaced. In the meantime PWS ask anyone accessing the hut to ensure further damage does not occur by making sure the door is shut properly by lifting the handle up upon closing! PWS reminds all walkers on the track to carry a suitable tent as access to huts cannot be guaranteed. For further information, or to report any issues, please contact Lake St Clair Visitor Centre on (03) 6289 1115.

Bird River 4WD Track (Kelly Basin Road) is now open

Updated 10 July 2019

The Bird River 4WD Track (Kelly Basin Road) on the West Coast is re-opened to vehicles. It has been cleared of a recent landslip. For further details contact the West Coast Field Centre on: (03) 6409 1020 


Meander Falls - Notice to intending visitors

Updated 4 July 2019

Rain has delayed the progress of the following works, but as soon as machinery can operate effectively, works will recommence. At this stage expect an extension of one week as reflected in the revised dates below.

Significant maintenance works are underway to improve visitor access to the Meander Falls walking track network. Works have commenced on the section of Meander Falls Road between Mother Cummings Rivulet and the Meander Falls Car Parking area. The construction includes resheeting and grading of the road surface and drainage works.

The car park and associated tracks of Cleft Rock track, Dixons Track and Meander Falls Track will be unavailable to the public until July 15th inclusive. 

Partial or full closures may occur while ongoing roadworks are completed from July 15th to August 12th with public access to be made available over weekend periods. 

This closure has been scheduled for the off peak visitation period to reduce the impact on visitors. Please note that during the works visitors may encounter large vehicles and machinery on the road, please proceed with caution and obey all relevant signage.

For further information please contact the Great Western Tiers field office 6701 2104.


Ongoing Works at Scott Kilvert Hut and Waterfall Valley

Updated 20 June 2019

Construction works are currently underway at Scott Kilvert and Waterfall Valley hut nodes to replace the existing toilets with upgraded facilities. Throughout the period of June to the end of July 2019 walkers may experience some noise and disruption at these sites. Contractors will be using the facilities at both sites whilst working, however the huts remain open and available to the public and a toilet will remain operational

Latest track and reserve openings and closures update

Updated 10 May 2019 

Hartz Mountain National Park is now open to the public. Please take care on the road and thank you for your patience.

Access to some national parks and reserve areas is being managed for public safety by PWS due to the impact from the fires. The following sections list the current closures for tracks, parks and reserves by region of the State, and detail key messages to the public.

Annual closure Lake Augusta Road

Updated 7 May 2019

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service wishes to advise that the boom gate on Lake Augusta Rd just beyond The Thousand Lakes Lodge, has been closed for the winter period following the conclusion of the 2018-19 fishing season.

The reopening of the boom gate is planned for around 1 October subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic.

Vehicular access to Lake Pillans and Double and Talinah Lagoons has also been closed with reopening planned for around 1 November subject to road inspections also determining conditions are suitable.

The annual road closure ensures that vehicles are not driving on wet/boggy, snow and frost affected roads. The closure is for both public safety but also designed to limit damage to the 19 Lagoons road network by vehicles.

For any further information please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 6701 2104.

 Notice of site closure: Remarkable Cave – Cresent Bay – Mt Brown, Tasman Peninsula

Updated 13 February 2019 - current until October 2019

From the 1 May 2019 to 1 October 2019 (inclusive), the Remarkable Cave Site and walking tracks from there to Cresent Bay and Mt Brown will be closed. This is to allow construction work and for safety reasons, and will deliver improved visitor facilities.

At Remarkable Cave these facilities will be closed: the car park, toilet, cave access track and viewing platforms. 

The walking track from Remarkable Cave via Maingon Blowhole to Crescent Bay and Mt Brown will be closed. 

There will be no access to other areas within the Tasman National Park from Safety Cove Road through the Remarkable Cave site, please do not park along Safety Cove Road. 

A helicopter and construction equipment will operate in the area. Ignoring closure notices risks your and other people’s safety and disrupts work delaying reopening. 

Please respect the site closure period and consider one of the many alternative visitor sites on the Tasman Peninusla.

Martha Lavinia Road restricted to 4WD vehicles

A popular road on King Island has deteriorated and now presents a potential risk to visitors. The Martha Lavinia Road is located on the north of the island and connects the main north-south arterial road with the northeast coast. It is a formed capped gravel road that is used to access two popular visitor sites; Pennys Lagoon and Lavinia Beach. The section of road beyond the Pennys Lagoon turnoff has developed large depressions that present a risk to two wheel drive cars. A management decision has been made to restrict the road between the Pennys Lagoon turnoff and Lavinia Beach to four wheel drive vehicles while a maintenance schedule for the road can be coordinated.




Southwest National Park 

  •  all remote area walking tracks west of Huonville are closed, including: Nevada Peak, Mt Weld, Federation Peak (Farmhouse Creek and Huon), Mt Picton
  • tracks in the Mt Anne area (including the Mt Anne Circuit, Mt Eliza and Lake Judd tracks) and Eastern Arthurs (including Federation Peak) are closed and likely to remain so for an extended period to allow for assessment of damage and risk, and if required, repairs to track infrastructure (eg steps and boardwalks). 
  •  Weld River Regional Reserve – Reuben Falls and Glovers Bluff tracks are closed. 
  •  Gordon River Road – is now open but walking tracks in Southwest National Park and Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, which are accessible off the road will remain closed until further notice. These tracks include: The Spires, Lake Curly, Denison Traverse, Timbs Track, The Needles, Mt Anne Circuit, Eastern Arthurs, Mount Mueller. Other tyrackis currently closed include, Lake Rhona, Vale of Rasselas, Wylds Craig, Wherretts Lookout. 
  •  Clear Hill Road – Saw Back Range and Adamsfield tracks.
  •  Styx Road – all walking tracks off the road are closed (Styx Road is currently closed, affecting access to a number of parks and reserves). These tracks include: Snowy North, Tolkien Track, Chapel Tree, Styx Big Tree/River Walk, Jubilee Road, Jubilee Range, Mt Styx.



The Tasmania Police is advising people to take extra care if driving, bushwalking, fishing or camping in in fire affected areas. Trees and other obstacles that have been impacted by fire are extremely dangerous and may continue to fall over the coming weeks.

In addition, PWS is asking visitors to remain vigilant. Please do not enter fire affected areas on PWS managed reserves until they are deemed safe; respect temporary signage and follow any instructions from PWS staff. There are hazards in these areas that most visitors would not be aware of, including unstable burnt ground and infrastructure, and hazardous trees that have potential to cause serious injury.

When setting off on bushwalks, walkers are reminded to always use the Walker Logbooks provided, and to sign in and out. Be well prepared for changing weather conditions.

Stay informed in case conditions change, check in at visitor centres for the latest information, heed advice at track heads, follow directions of PWS staff at national parks and reserves, listen to ABC local radio, and monitor the following websites:

       Parks and Wildlife Reserve/Track Closures www.parks.tas.gov.au/closures 

       Road and vehicle track closures www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/ 

       Tasmanian Government alerts www.alert.tas.gov.au