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New picnic facilities for Penny's Lagoon


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed the construction of a new picnic shelter at Penny's Lagoon within the Lavinia State Reserve on King Island.

Celebrating World Ranger Day


The work of Tasmania's rangers is vital in the daily management of our 19 national parks and more than 800 reserves, encompassing approximately 50 per cent of the State.

Southwest ecological burns important for orange-bellied parrot conservation


Planned ecological burns in Southwest National Park will help regenerate important habitat areas for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.More

Summary of Fortescue Bay Site Plan 2003

The full version of the Fortescue Bay Site Plan 2003 can be downloaded as a PDF File (1,200 Kb)

A Summary of Public Comment to Fortescue Site Plan can be downloaded as a PDF File (366 Kb)

The Nature Conservation Values of the Fortescue Bay Area can be downloaded as a PDF File (3300 Kb)


This Site Plan covers the Fortescue Bay Visitor Services Zone which is part of Tasman National Park (see Map 2). The preparation of the Site Plan is a requirement under the Tasman National Park Management Plan 2001.

The intention of the Site Plan is to provide a framework for conservation management and sustainable visitor and tourism use within the Fortescue Bay Visitor Services Zone (VSZ), consistent with the management objectives for the zone set out in the management plan and outlined in Section 3.1 of this plan.

The plan briefly describes existing conditions, including the special natural and cultural values of the area, existing facilities and current visitor use.

The plan addresses specific site management issues associated with the current day use and camping areas, carparking, road and track network. The key purpose of the plan is to provide direction for PWS staff in relation to future management of the site including improvements to visitor facilities and services and to enhance the experience of visitors to the Fortescue Bay area.

The provision and improvement of visitor infrastructure and facilities within the Visitor Services Zone is subject to funding and will need to occur over a period of several years. Redevelopment works be timed, where possible, to minimise inconvenience to visitors. On-site information about significant development will be provided prior to their commencement.

The plan also identifies the location of two development nodes for built accommodation within the Visitor Service Zone (see Map 5). It is the intention of the plan to provide for low key tourism opportunities that will have minimal impacts on the natural environment and existing recreational character. Any commercial operation will need to demonstrate that it can meet the required environmental standards with respect to construction and operation of accommodation facilities at these locations.

The plan also identifies the actions required to meet the objectives identified for the Visitor Service Zone. These actions have been prioritised as very high, high, medium and low.