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Planning for a sustainable future at Freycinet

The Revised Draft Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan has been released and public comment is now invited on the plan, which focuses on visitor infrastructure and investment, including services to better manage increased visitation to the Peninsula, both now and into the future.

The Draft Master Plan was initially released in June 2018, but has now been refined in response to feedback received during the first round of consultation. 

The plan was developed with input from the community and a steering committee comprised of representatives from the Parks and Wildlife Service, the Department of State Growth, the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, East Coast Tourism, the Freycinet Association Inc and the Freycinet Destination Action Plan group. 

A copy of the The Revised Draft Freycinet Master plan is available (download as a PDF [22 Mb])

The public comment period opens on Saturday 16 March, with feedback to be received by 9am Monday 15 April 2019.

Your input is welcome and is to be provided in writing addressed to:

Revised Draft Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan
Director of National Parks and Wildlife 
GPO Box 1751 
Hobart TAS 7001 

Other than indicated below, submissions will be treated as public information and will be published on our website at www.parks.tas.gov.au, once consideration of the submissions has concluded. Submissions will be published on 25 June 2019. 

No personal information other than an individual’s name or the organisation making a submission will be published.

For further information, please contact: freycinetmasterplan@parks.tas.gov.au 

The Government recognises that not all individuals or groups are equally placed to access and understand information. We are therefore committed to ensuring Government information is accessible and easily understood by people with diverse communication needs.

Where possible, please consider typing your submission in plain English and providing it in a format such as Microsoft Word or equivalent. 

The Government cannot however take responsibility for the accessibility of documents provided by third parties. 

Your name (or the name of the organisation) will be published unless you request otherwise.

In the absence of a clear indication that a submission is intended to be treated as confidential (or parts of the submission), the Department will treat the submission as public.

If you would like your submission treated as confidential, whether in whole or in part, please indicate this in writing at the time of making your submission clearly identifying the parts of your submission you want to remain confidential and the reasons why. In this case, your submission will not be published to the extent of that request. 

Copyright in submissions remains with the author(s), not with the Tasmanian Government.

The Department will not publish, in whole or in part, submissions containing defamatory or offensive material. If your submission includes information that could enable the identification of other individuals then either all or parts of the submission will not be published. 

The Right to Information Act 2009 and confidentiality 
Information provided to the Government may be provided to an applicant under the provisions of the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI). If you have indicated that you wish all or part of your submission to be treated as confidential, your statement detailing the reasons may be taken into account in determining whether or not to release the information in the event of an RTI application for assessed disclosure. You may also be contacted to provide any further comment.

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