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Campfire restrictions extended due to increasing fire risk


In the interests of public safety, the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has brought in extensive campfire restrictions as the fire risk continues to increase this summer.More

Improved toilet facilities at Bruny Island


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed work on a new toilet facility at the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.More

Further upgrade to South Coast Track


The South Coast Track is one of Tasmania's great bushwalks, and the completion of recent upgrades has significantly improved the user experience along the track before the start of the peak walking season.More

Commercial Filming Guidelines

Pricing Schedule

The following fees are payable in advance:

Production Crew Number (*)

Up to 8 people More than 8 people
$440 per project $1750+ per project

(Fees GST Inclusive) (* includes those involved directly with production, eg. actors etc.)


  • Commercial Filming (advertisements)
  • Feature Filming (cinema and TV)
  • Documentaries
  • Stills Photography intended for advertising use

The fees charged for productions using a crew size greater than 8 people are greater than $1100, the total charged to be negotiated with the Manager of Commercial Visitor Services.

Commercial Filming by productions, using less than 9 people, that will cause a major disruption to the operation of a Park or Reserve, or result in a major inconvenience to other park users, may incur an extra fee negotiable with the Commercial Visitor Services Officer (or delegate).

The following filming activities are Nil charge

  • Educational or Tourism Productions deemed beneficial to PWS objectives with appropriate promotional message
  • Federal or State Government Tourism Department Sponsored Filming
  • News & Current Affairs

Nil charge filming activities must complete the attached 'Filming Agreement' to obtain a Filming fee exemption.

For crew sizes greater than 3 people, the Commercial Visitor Services Officer (or delegate) is the only officer authorised to issue an exemption. For crew sizes less than 3 people the Regional Manager for the area concerned may issue an exemption.

Supervision/guiding fees

Weekdays Weekends & Public Holidays
$75 per person /hour $90 per person /hour


(Fees GST Inclusive)

  • Actors Equity charges will apply for PWS staff used on camera in fee paying productions
  • A Supervision/Guiding Fee will be charged for management supervision in cases where the Senior Ranger (or delegate) deems it necessary to provide supervision, e.g. in sensitive management areas, or when the film maker requests the assistance of a ranger or PWS expert.
  • The higher weekend supervision rate is in response to the greater pressure placed on Ranger time as a result of the higher weekend park visitation numbers.

Nil charge activities

If PWS staff are required for nil charge activities the Regional Manager (or Commercial Visitor Services Officer) is given the discretion to request a donation to cover the cost of this involvement.