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Have your say on Freycinet


Public comment is now invited on the Draft Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan.More

Ben Lomond recovery works update


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) will oversee the recovery works at Ben Lomond after a recent fire destroyed essential infrastructure.More

Southwest ecological burns important for orange-bellied parrot conservation


Planned ecological burns in Southwest National Park will help regenerate important habitat areas for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.More

Track, Campsite and Reserve Closures and Re-openings

From time to time, tracks, campsites and reserves will be closed for a variety of reasons, including safety risks such as high fire danger or track improvement works.

While we try to keep this page up to date, closures or re-openings can sometimes happen at short notice. For that reason, we also recommend checking the Parks and Wildlife Service Facebook page. 

Short-term and short-notice closures will also be listed on notice boards at the reserve.

For further information on track, reserve or campsite closures, please contact local rangers. See our Office Contacts for the relevant contact details. 

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Temporary closure of Montezuma Falls suspension bridge

Updated 19 June 2018

The Montezuma Falls suspension bridge (part of the Montezuma Falls Mountain Bike Trail) on the West Coast is temporarily closed, due to a rock fall impacting on the bridge at the western end.

Assessment of the bridge is currently underway, and the bridge will remain closed to walkers and mountain bikers until further notice. The walking track to the falls and the falls viewing platform remain open.

For further information or updates contact the Queenstown field centre on 6471 5925.

Bird River 4WD Track reopened

Updated 18 June 2018

The Bird River 4WD track on the West Coast is is now reopened to motor vehicles following repair after a landslip earlier in the year.

Mersey River – safety advice for paddlers

Updated 7 June 2018

Canoeists and rafters using the Upper Mersey River from the Mersey White Water Regional Reserve are advised that a large volume of logs and debris has built up at the entrance to Lake Parangana, which could interfere with safe passage. 

This area poses a severe risk to water craft with the potential to become entangled and jammed. The Parks and Wildlife Service recommends that paddlers and other recreational users avoid the area until further notice.

For more information or updates, please contact the Great Western Tiers field centre on 6701 2104.

Upper Mersey Forest Road – temporary closure

Updated 19 June 2018

The Parks and Wildlife Service are performing road works on the Upper Mersey Forest Road. These works represent the last of the outstanding works on Mersey Forest Road from the June 2016 flood event.

Mersey Forest Road will be closed on Wednesday 20 June 2018. There will be no access to the Lees Paddocks, Pine Hut Plain, Lake Bill or Cloister/Jacksons Creek tracks during this time.

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience.

If you have any enquiries please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on 6701 2104.

Southport Lagoon track and campsite closed

Updated 25 May 2018

A planned burn is proposed for this Saturday and Sunday (26 – 27 May). The burn plan requires PWS to close the Southport Lagoon 4WD track and Southport Lagoon Campground for the weekend, from Friday. PWS will monitor the progress of the burn and advise when the campground and 4wd track can be reopened.

Judds Creek Road closed

Updated 22 May 2018

Two river crossings on the Judd's Creek Road (Russell Ridge CA) have been cut by the recent flood event. The reserve received 168mm of rain fall in a 24 hour period, severely damaging the road. Judd's Creek Road provides access from the Judbury entrance to the Russell Ridge CA and the Billy Brown Falls Walking Track. The road will remain closed until further notice.

For further details, please call the Huonville Office on (03) 6121 7026.

Road works at Maria Island

Updated 21 May 2018

Over 200mm of rain fell on Maria Island within a 24-hour period on 29th and 30th January 2016 causing significant damage to the road infrastructure throughout Maria Island.

The required quarrying, bridge replacements and road and drainage repair works will commence on Wednesday 7th March 2018. 

The road repair works will be staged as follows: 

  • Gravel extraction from Four Mile Creek quarry  March – April 2018 
  • Road and drainage repair work Encampment Cove to Darlington March – May 2018 
  • Coxswain Creek crossing repairs April 2018 
  • Crooked McGuiness Bridge replacement May 2018 
  • Darlington road and drainage repairs May 2018

It is the intent that the operations will have minimal impact to visitors using the roads. The roads will remain at least partially open throughout the repairs.

Works are planned to be completed by  8 June 2018.

Little Fisher Road reopened

Updated 18 May 2018

The road works on the Little Fisher Road have been completed and the Little Fisher River Track and Rinadeena Falls Track are open. 

Please note that erosions repair works are still being undertaken on the Little Fisher Track between the Little Fisher Bridge and the old carpark site. These works are expected to continue to the end of June 2016. Public access is permitted during this time however we advise visitors to use caution when proceeding past working contractors. 

For any enquiries please contact the Great Western Tiers Field Centre on (03) 6701 2104.

Balfour East bridge replacement

Updated 17 May 2018

PWS will be replacing the Balfour east bridge starting on Monday 21st May. There will be no access to the Balfour township between 21st May and 24th May.

For further information, please contact PWS Arthur River on (03) 6457 1225.

Damage to infrastructure - Ben Lomond National Park

Updated 16 May 2018

A fire overnight has caused extensive damage to the Ben Lomond Alpine Hotel and the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service day shelter (including public toilets) and connecting boardwalk.

The fire has had a significant impact on some services in the national park. The national park remains open, however for safety reasons some infrastructure is currently closed.

It is important for anyone planning a visit to the national park to be aware that services at the hotel have been affected as well as some other infrastructure and people need to plan their trip accordingly for the time being.

The fire caused significant damage to the Parks and Wildlife Service day shelter on the mountain as well as the connecting boardwalk to the shelter. For public safety reasons this infrastructure is closed until further notice. The closure means that no public toilet facilities are available at the ski field.

The Ben Lomond campground is the closest public toilet location, which is approximately eight kilometres from the village.

For enquiries please contact the Tamar Field Centre on 6336 5397

Seasonal closure of Lake Augusta Road access into 19 Lagoons.

Updated 14 May 2018

The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) advises that:

  • Lake Augusta Rd from the Lake Augusta dam wall through to Lake Ada will be closed from 1st May 2018 to 1st October 2018 (approximately) subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic. 
  •  The road to Double Lagoon and the Pillans and Talinah tracks will be closed from 1st May 2018 to 1st November 2018 (approximately) subject to road inspections determining conditions are suitable for vehicular traffic. 
  •  Access will be reinstated once the roads have been inspected and conditions are deemed suitable for vehicular traffic. Should weather or road conditions delay the opening beyond the proposed dates the PWS will endeavour to keep you informed as to the likely timeframe for the roads and tracks to reopen. 
  •  Lake Augusta Road from Highland Lakes Road through to Lake Augusta including access to Thousand Lakes Lodge will remain open all year round.

If you have any enquiries, you can do so via email to GWTadmin@parks.tas.gov.au or telephone 6701 2104.

Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake Road bus passing bays roadworks

Updated 8 May 2018

Roadworks will recommence Monday 14 May to undertake asphalting and installation of barriers at Post 49 on the Dove Lake Road to complete the new bus passing bays.

Subject to weather, this work is expected to continue through to Wednesday afternoon.

Restrictions on private vehicles going into the park will be implemented during this period. All visitors are encouraged to use the shuttle service to access Dove Lake. However, some short delays should be expected.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Access to the Bruny Island Neck walkways and viewing platforms

Updated 30 April 2018

Visitors to the Bruny Island Neck walkways and viewing platforms are advised that a project to reconstruct the walkway and viewing platforms will get under way in May and continue until October 2018. The works will involve temporary closures and are being staged to maintain access when it is practical to do so. Visitors are advised not to rely on access to this location during the winter season. 

 For further information contact the PWS Southern Region office on 6165 4053.

Temporary closure of the White Knights walking track

Updated 30 April 2018

The White Knights walking track at Evercreech in the state’s North-east is temporarily closed due to falling tree limbs making it unsafe. Assessment of the trees and remedial works are under way, and it is anticipated the track may be closed until 30 June. For further inquiries, contact the PWS St Helens Field Centre on 6387 5510.

Replacement of visitor infrastructure at The Neck, Bruny Island

Updated 26 April 2018 

Visitors to Bruny Island are advised that construction works will be undertaken at The Neck, Bruny Island from May 2018 to November 2018. These works are to replace existing walkways and to enhance the experience for visitors and the protection of this important rookery site. The site will have closure periods during the construction process. 

For further information, please contact the PWS Southern Region office on 6165 4053.

Fortescue Bay Boat Ramp closure

Updated 6 April 2018

The Fortescue Bay Boat Ramp will be closed from Monday 9 April until further notice for major upgrade works. Alternative boat ramps on the Tasman Peninsula are available at Pirates Bay and Garden Point (Port Arthur). This project is being undertaken by the Parks and Wildlife Service in partnership with Marine and Safety Tasmania. Weather permitting, it is anticipated the works will be completed in July 2018.

Access to Warrawee CA temporarily closed

Updated 5 April 2018

Latrobe Council are currently undertaking works on the access road and carpark at the entrance to the Warrawee Conservation Area. The work has commenced and will be ongoing for the next 2-3 weeks. Access to the reserve will be restricted during this time.

Parsons Track, Caveside, closed until further notice

Updated 20 January 2017

A recent thorough inspection of Parsons Track, which starts at Caveside, near Mole Creek, has confirmed extensive damage to the track due to collapsed culvert/bridges and a very large landslip. Rangers have deemed it unsafe for walkers until further notice.

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