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Overland Track re-opens for walkers


The Parks and Wildlife Service has advised that the Overland Track will re-open to bushwalkers as of Wednesday morning, 3 February 2016.More

Join in World Wetlands Day celebrations


The Tamar Island Wetlands Centre will host a range of free activities on Tuesday 2 February 2016 to celebrate World Wetlands Day.More

Major fire fighting effort protecting public and state's important values


The Parks and Wildlife Service General Manager Peter Mooney has acknowledged the efforts of Department staff, Tasmania Fire Service, volunteers and interstate firefighters who are continuing to undertake a major effort to protect values and infrastructureMore

Track, Campsite and Reserve Closures and Re-openings

Please note: There may be closures or re-openings other than those listed here. Please also see our Facebook page for other possible closures.


For the latest bushfire information, go to the Tasmania Fire Service website at www.fire.tas.gov.au. As some walking tracks within national parks and reserves are accessed across land managed by Forestry Tasmania it is worthwhile checking for road closures on the Forestry Tasmania website. The Department of State Growth web site also has information on road closures in Tasmania.

For further information on track, reserve or campsite closures, please contact local rangers.

See our Office Contacts for contact details.

Latest reserve and track closure update

11 February

Southwest National Park

The Port Davey Track starting from Scotts Peak Road is now open. All other tracks in the area remain closed until further notice.

Current reserves and tracks closed due to bushfires

11 February


Walls of Jerusalem National Park
The Walls of Jerusalem National Park remains closed because of the ongoing risk to bushwalkers from the Lake McKenzie fire activity and fire fighting operations in that area. All tracks are closed including:
Walls of Jerusalem main track
Junction Lake Track
Little Fisher Track
Moses Creek Track
Lake Myrtle Track

The situation will be re-assessed again next Thursday, 18 February.

Central Plateau Conservation Area / Western Tiers
Devils Gullet walking track
Explorer Creek Route
Blues Peak Route
Higgs Track
Western Creek Track
Syds Track
Mother Cummings Track (access from Westrope Road Western Creek)
Yeates Track (South Mole Creek)
Parsons Track

Arm River Regional Reserve
Arm River Camp

Mersey White Water Regional Reserve
Mersey White Water Camp

Mole Creek Karst National Park
Croesus Cave Campground


Cradle Mountain National Park
The Overland Track is open however the following access tracks remain closed:
Arm River Track
Mt Oakleigh Track
Lees Paddocks Track

Tyndall Regional Reserve
Lake Spicer Track (4wd track)
Tyndall Range Track

Dip River Regional Reserve
Dip Falls and walking tracks

Trowutta Arch State Reserve
Trowutta Arch Walking Track

Sumac Road (Tarkine Tourist Loop Road)
Walking tracks and campgrounds accessed from Sumac Road (Tarkine Tourist Loop Road), including:
Sumac Lookout
Julius River Track and picnic area
Lake Chisholm Track
Milkshake Hills Regional Reserve and Milkshakes Summit Track.

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area
Prickly Wattle Campground
The Western Explorer is closed between Arthur River and Corrina along Norfolk Road (C249), Rebecca Road (C214) and Temma Road (C214).
The Sandy Cape 4WD Track between Temma and Sandy Cape is closed except for shack owners.


Southwest National Park
Mt Wedge and Sentinal Range Tracks
Wedge River Campground
Sawback Range Track
Adamsfield Conservation Area
Mt Anne Track
Lake Judd Track
Island Road
Boat Ramp Road
Clear Hill Road

Advice to walkers in relation to the Maxwell River (South) bushfire

Bushwalkers who may be planning to walk the Norway Range and Prince of Wales Range area west of the Denison River entering from the Lyell Highway near Mt Arrowsmith and King William Range and heading south to the Gordon Dam, need to make alternative plans now and stay away from the area due to a heightened level of risk during current fire activity, until further notice.

For the latest information on road closures, check the Tasmania Police Community Alerts website www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/. For the latest bushfire information go to the Tasmania Fire Service website www.fire.tas.gov.au.



Campfire restrictions as at 12 February 2016

The restrictions imposed on campfires during January due to the bushfire situation have been reviewed following recent heavy rain in Tasmania’s North-East. The restriction has been removed in a number of locations however they remain in place at the locations listed below (gas stoves are permitted).

Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area: Sandy Cape camping area, Tiger Flats, Nelson Bay, Stinking Beach, Rebecca, Greens Creek, Peppermint campground, Prickly Wattles campground, Manuka campground (please note: some of these sites remain closed due to the fire activity).

Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve: Neck Reserve camping area

Lake Barrington: Lake Barrington West camping area

Lime Bay State Reserve: Lime Bay

Peggs Beach Conservation Area – Black River: Black River, Peggs Beach camping areas

Public Reserve – Lake Sorrell: Dago Point camping area

South Bruny National Park: Cloudy Corner, Jetty Beach, The Pines.

Esperance River Conservation Area:  Esperance River picnic and camping area

Southwest National Park: Huon campground


Nelson Falls Walking Track Closure


Updated 8 January 2016

The toilet at Nelson Falls is going to be upgraded with an Advanced Enviro-Septic on-site waste disposal system.

At the same time the new toilet system is being installed, the pedestrian bridge near the carpark will be upgraded.

The works are planned to commence on 18 January and be completed by 21 January.

To ensure visitor safety the car park will be closed and there will be no access to the falls until completion of works.

Other PWS sites along the Lyell highway will still be open, such as Donaghys Hill Lookout and Franklin River Nature Trail. There are also toilet facilities at the Franklin River Nature Trail.