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Southport Lagoon Conservation Area



Basic facilities are available for use by day visitors including a picnic table, fireplace and toilets.


Ten individual campsites are provided near the north-west edge of Southport Lagoon. The maximum capacity of the entire campground is 40 people. Each campsite is numbered and camping must only take place at these numbered sites. Campsite bookings are not required. The maximum stay permitted is one week.

You will need to bring your own water. Rubbish bins are not provided, so please take all your rubbish when you leave.

Composting toilets are provided. To ensure they work correctly it is important not to place any foreign objects, portable chemical toilet contents or rubbish into the toilet system.

Fires may only be lit in the designated fireplaces provided, however the use of fuel stoves is recommended to reduce environmental impacts. Firewood is not supplied. Vegetation including dead branches from within the conservation area, must not be used as firewood. Chainsaws are not permitted in the conservation area.

On total fire ban days any naked flame, even a gas stove, is not permitted.

What to bring

  • Fuel stove
  • Firewood
  • Drinking water
  • Rubbish bags
campground map


Boating Information

Southport Lagoon is an ideal destination for kayakers and canoeists. A designated dinghy launch point is located at the campground. There is no boat ramp. Boats will need to be carried to the water. Vehicles can be parked in the day use area.

The maximum allowable length of dinghies is 14ft and the maximum engine size is 15 HP. Larger boats and boat trailers are not permitted. A 5 knot speed limit applies to the entire lagoon.

Beware that the lagoon has extensive shallows of 1 metre or less in depth. Posts that mark the lagoon’s deep water channels which should be followed to avoid damage to shallow seagrass beds.

Personal motorised water craft such as jet skis are not permitted.

Fishing Information

Southport Lagoon has long been known for flounder fishing. Other fish species caught within the lagoon and the lagoon mouth include flathead, salmon and garfish.

Hook, line and spears are permitted in the lagoon, but all nets, bait traps and specialist lines are prohibited within Southport Lagoon. This includes set lines, longlines and droplines.

Recreational fishermen should take extreme care around the lagoon mouth and bar-way due to strong currents, breaking waves and the sand bar which changes. Strong currents can occur in the channels at any time, particularly at ebb tides.


Dogs and other pets are not allowed.