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Crown Land Assessment and Classification Project

Project Background

Completing the Crown land classification process...

Initial Assessment and Consultation
What’s not being considered?
Project Objectives
Further Information

In July 2004, the Minister for Environment and Planning initiated the Crown Land Assessment and Classification (CLAC) Project. This Project assessed and classified unallocated Crown land and Public Reserves under the Crown Lands Act 1976.

Approximately 7000 properties were assessed. They were:

  • scattered widely throughout the state
  • mostly smaller than 10 hectares
  • only in a few cases greater than 500 hectares
  • in total nearly 3% of the land area of Tasmania.

The Project stemmed from the recommendations of the Tasmanian Public Land Use Commission into Tasmanian Crown land classifications. In addition, it formed a response to commitments under the Regional Forest Agreement and the recent Statewide Partnership Agreement on Financial Reform between the State Government and Tasmanian Councils.

Initial Assessment and Consultation

An initial desktop assessment of the land was undertaken drawing on readily available information, mostly using computer databases, and suggested allocations were proposed (see the list below). The suggested allocations were used as the basis for public consultation.

Extensive consultation with the public, Local Government and other stakeholders was vital to ensure local community knowledge and views were taken into account before final recommendations were prepared for Government consideration. This process has occurred primarily on a municipality-by-municipality basis.

Following the initial assessment and consultation phases, the parcels of land have been recommended as suitable for:

  • reservation under the Nature Conservation Act 2002, for significant natural and/or cultural values
  • reservation for public use, as public reserve under the Crown Lands Act 1976
  • transfer to other public ownership, such as Local Government, Forestry Tasmania or Housing Tasmania
  • public sale of land which is not suitable for reservation or for public use.

Properties not being considered

Properties not assessed by the Project were:

  • Crown land other than a Public Reserve or unallocated Crown land
  • shack sites under the Crown Land (Shack Sites) Act 1997
  • Crown land parcels on the asset register of other State Government agencies, such as Health, Education, Justice and Police
  • reserved roads.

Project Objectives

The objective of the Project was to assess Crown land and enable informed decisions to be made on its most appropriate future use and management.

  • The Project will lead to better management of Crown land.
  • High conservation and cultural values will be protected.
  • Land suitable for public purposes or development will be identified.
  • The process will be open and transparent.
  • The public and stakeholders will have plenty of opportunity to input their views and ideas into the project.

Further Information

If you would like know more about the Crown Land Assessment and Classification (CLAC) Project, please contact the Project Team.

Contact: Crown Land Services

Crown Land Services Branch
GPO Box 44
Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: (03) 6169 9015
Fax: (03) 6173 0226
Email: CLS.Enquiries@parks.tas.gov.au

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