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Encounter Maria Island's new ferry Osprey V, that will allow even more visitors to enjoy one of the State's best tourism attractions, was launched today.More

Progress on Cradle Mountain Master Plan


An important milestone in the Cradle Mountain Master Plan project has been reached following a competitive tender process, with Cumulus Studio chosen to design the Cradle Mountain gateway precinct and the Dove Lake viewing shelter.More

Exciting new proposal for Tasmania's South East Cape


Award-winning local tourism operator Ian Johnstone can now progress a new project to lease and licence negotiations under the Tourism Opportunities in Tasmania's National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land process.More

Crown Land Assessment and Classification Project

Project Implementation

CLAC Project Implementation

The Crown Land Assessment and Classification (CLAC) Project was established for a two year period from mid 2004 to mid 2006 to assess and make recommendations on the future tenure of Public Reserves and unallocated Crown land. The Project examined some 7000 properties across the State and released suggested allocations for public comment. After taking into account the comments received during public consultation, recommendations were forwarded to the Minister and Cabinet for approval. The implementation phase of the CLAC Project has been established to implement the approved recommendations.

The Scope of the Implementation Phase

The implementation phase of the CLAC Project covers five broad groupings of recommendations. These five categories include reservation as Public Reserves under the Crown Lands Act 1976, reservation under the Nature Conservation Act 2002, transfer to Local Government, transfer to other Government agencies, and consider for sale.

The following links provide more information and updates of the progress of each implementation grouping. The implementation progress for each municipality is also available from the implementation web pages below.

  • Public Reserves are reserved under the Crown Lands Act 1976.
  • NCA Reserves are reservations under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 and include Conservation Areas, Nature Recreation Areas, Regional Reserves, Historic Sites, National Parks, State Reserves, Game Reserves and Nature Reserves.
  • Transfer to Local Government including properties used for recreation and sporting activities, infrastructure and cemeteries.
  • Transfer to other Government Agencies includes Forestry Tasmania, Hydro Tasmania, Department of State Growth and the Department of Health and Humans Services (DHHS).
  • Consider for Sale properties that are not considered as suitable or necessary for other Crown purposes and have the potential to be sold.

Overall Recommendation Information

Information on the overall recommendations, detailing the number and area of properties in each municipality and their allocation, is available in the Overall CLAC Recommendations PDF document below.

Overall CLAC Recommendations

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