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Tenders called for Mt Mawson shelter


Tenders have been called for the construction of a new public shelter at Mt Mawson within Mount Field National Park.More

Local company awarded contract to replace Lake Tahune Hut and facilities


Westbury company Valley Workshop has been awarded the contract to demolish and replace the hut and toilet facilities at Lake Tahune on the Frenchmans Cap walking track, a project worth $450,000.More

Upgrading the Dip Falls viewing experience


The visitor experience at Dip Falls in the State's North-West will soon be enhanced thanks to the construction of new stairs, allowing visitors to admire the spectacular view and natural wonder of the falls.More

Track, Campsite and Reserve Closures and Re-openings

Please note: There may be closures or re-openings other than those listed here. Please also see our Facebook page for other possible closures.

For the latest bushfire information, go to the Tasmania Fire Service website at www.fire.tas.gov.au. As some walking tracks within national parks and reserves are accessed across land managed by Forestry Tasmania it is worthwhile checking for road closures on the Forestry Tasmania website. The Department of State Growth web site also has information on road closures in Tasmania.

For further information on track, reserve or campsite closures, please contact local rangers.

See our Office Contacts for contact details.

For the latest information on road closures, check the Tasmania Police Community Alerts website www.police.tas.gov.au/community-alerts/. For the latest bushfire information go to the Tasmania Fire Service website www.fire.tas.gov.au

Track Closures for Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff tracks

Updated 12 April 2017

Construction upgrades continue on the Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff tracks. These tracks will be open every weekend and public holidays (including Easter and ANZAC Day). 

From April to July 2017 the tracks will be closed on Tuesdays and other midweek days (weather permitting) to permit helicopter sling loading operations. 

We request park users phone 6250 3980 or 0407 302 850 on the day prior to their intended midweek visit for updated information on closures. 

Temporary Track Closures Cape Pillar and Wughalee Campsite 

Updated 12 April 2017 

Walkers are advised that from 1 May – 12 May inclusive, Old Cape Pillar Track, Cape Pillar Track and Three Capes Track are closed to walkers to permit prescribed burns and track maintenance. 

The Cape Hauy track remains open. 

For further information please call Tasman Field Center 6250 3980

Trevallyn NRA Bike Trails Reopenings

Updated 11 April 2017

Thanks to some consistent and penetrating rainfall over the weekend, the following mountain bike trails have been compacted and are open and ready for use over Easter.
Trevallyn NRA: Wiggly Track - completed and open to public. Hard Case Track – 95% completed, with one small section barricaded but alternative track around the area. Open to public. 
Stolen Spice Track – completed and open. 
Corkscrew Track – completed and open. 
Trails will be assessed after Easter for damage or weak areas, and may have to be closed for a short period. 

Kate Reed NRA: Berm Track - completed and open to public. Warning: there are new black diamond options on the Berm Track, and that riders should take care and assess the features before attempting them. Temporary warning signage is in place, and will be replaced by permanent signs in the near future. Rock Drop Track – currently closed, but anticipate completion before Easter.

Scott Kilvert Hut closed 3 – 14 April 2017

Updated 11 April 2017 

The Scott Kilvert hut and immediate surrounding area will be a work site from 3rd – 14th April 2017. Due to the process for the safe removal of asbestos, the hut and the immediate surrounds will be inaccessible to walkers during this period. We apologise for any inconvenience and request that walkers avoid visiting this area as far as possible during this period.

For further information, please contact 6464 3104.

Temporary closure or Marakoopa Cave for bridge works

Updated 10 April 2017 

Marakoopa Cave at the Mole Creek caves will be closed from 1st May 2017 to Sunday 14th May 2017 inclusive to allow for the construction and installation of a new permanent access bridge. 

The estimated completion date is based on the assumption of no adverse weather events occurring during this time. 

Please note that during this period the Mole Creek Caves visitor centre and King Solomons Cave will still be operating as usual, catering for ticket sales and conducting fully guided tours.

Visiting Frenchmans Cap

Updated 10 April 2017


Walkers to Frenchmans Cap are advised that the Lake Tahune hut and several of the tent platforms are now open following recent construction works at the site.  


Brushy Lagoon Road reopens following flood damage repairs

Updated 23 March 2017

We’re very pleased to announce that the bridge works at Mahoney’s Creek and Black Sugarloaf Creek on the Brushy Lagoon Road have been completed. Both bridges have been rebuilt to 1 in 100 year flood event standard, which should ensure future heavy rain events don’t impact them to the same degree as the previous structures.

The Brushy Lagoon Road will be open to the public as of Saturday, 25 March 2017.

Now that the bridgeworks have been completed, 7 km of the access road will be graded and re-sheeted, which is expected to take approximately four weeks. The road works will commence on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 and will not require Brushy Lagoon Road to be closed, but visitors are asked to drive with caution while these works are being carried out.

Wielangta Rd Bridge Construction Updated Program

Updated 3 March 2017

Works commenced on the replacement of four bridges on Wielangta Road in February 2017. 

A revised bridge replacement program has been provided by Contractors and is outlined below (dates may be subject to change). 

  •  Pony Bottom Bridge (14 February – 14 March)
  •  Sandspit Bridge (6 March – 23 March)
  •  bridge 5.6km north of Bream Creek Rd (14 March – 3 April)
  •  Lady Fern Bridge (3 April – 1 June

During construction of the Pony Bottom Bridge a temporary bypass will be installed to retain access for residents. Wielangta Road will be closed to through traffic when the other bridges are being built. Visitors should check the roadside signs and the PWS website to check the status of the road prior to visiting. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Visiting Frenchmans Cap

Updated 20 February 2017

Walkers are advised that construction of a new toilet building and helipad at Lake Tahune on the Frenchmans Cap Track will begin in March, with completion expected in mid-April 2017.

During this time, we are advising walkers to camp at Lake Vera as there will be NO tent-based camping available at Lake Tahune, and minimal space available in the hut.

Walkers can still access Frenchmans Cap, but are advised to do this as a day trip from Lake Vera as the Lake Vera hut and camping platforms will be unaffected by these works at Lake Tahune.

These works are preliminary to the construction of an entirely new hut at Lake Tahune, which is scheduled to begin in January 2018.

The Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience and thanks walkers for their cooperation. For further information contact the Queenstown Field Centre on 6471 5922.

Work Commenced on Trevallyn NRA Bike Trails

Updated 8 February 2017

Resurfacing and drainage improvement work has commenced on the Mountain Bike Trails at Trevallyn Nature Recreation Area. The Corkscrew track is the first trail to be upgraded, with works expected to take approximately ten days to complete. It is expected to be opened by end of next week.

The Stolen Spice Track is the next track expected to be upgraded. Each track will be closed to the public during construction due to contractors operating machinery in the area. As each individual track is completed, it will be reopened to the public and work will commence on the next track. This will hopefully limit the inconvenience caused to regular users of the reserve. Noticeboards will inform the public as the progress of the works, and which tracks are closed or completed.

All work is expected to be completed by April.

For further details, please contact the Tamar Field Centre, on 6331 6739

Walls of Jerusalem access closed

Updated 7 February 2017

Due to severe flood damage, access to the Walls of Jerusalem and Arm River is currently closed from Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road. There is no other access to these track heads. The Walls of Jerusalem can be accessed from the Central Plateau, however the access is via a walking route and should only be attempted by experienced walkers.

Parks and reserve closures due to flood damage - latest update

Updated 20 January 2017

Please see below for the latest closures due to the intense weather events during 2016. For the latest information on closures, please contact local rangers - see our Office Contacts for contact details.

Northern Region



National park/Reserve



Mother Cummings Peak

Walking tracks

Westrope Road is closed at the junction of Western Creek track. Mother Cummings Peak track and Sydns track are open. Vehicular access to these tracks is closed at the junction of Westrope Road and Western Creek track due to a land slip.

Mole Creek Karst National Park

Wet Cave Reserve

Wet Cave camping and day use area

Remains closed due to significant erosion in both the camping and day use area.

Repair options are being considered.

Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road

Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road

Closed until further notice due to significant hazards including undermined roads and bridges and landslips. The Department of State Growth is managing recovery works on Mersey Forest Road and repairs will begin as soon as possible.

Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Rinadeena Falls, Arm River Track, Arm River Camp, Cloister Lagoon/Jacksons Creek Track, Lees Paddocks, Lake Bill Track


Walking tracks, accommodation

Access to the Walls of Jerusalem and Arm River is closed from Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road.  There is no other access to these track heads. The Walls of Jerusalem can be accessed from the Central Plateau, however the access is via a walking route and should only be attempted by experienced walkers.

Mersey White Water Regional Reserve

Day use area and white water course

Closed until further notice, due to closure of Mersey Forest Road and Bare Hill Road. The site also suffered damage from the 2016 bushfires.

Northwest Region



Warrawee Conservation Area, Latrobe

All facilities at the site

Closed until further notice due to extensive damage.

Milkshake Regional Reserve


All facilities closed until further notice

Northeast Region/East Coast



Waterhouse Conservation Area

Blackmans Lagoon section

Closed – no beach access or camping

Trout Creek Reserve


Access open from northern end – Skyline Drive at Beaumaris. Access from  southern end remains closed.

Mathinna Falls

Access road

Closed until further notice

Check the Tasmania Police Community Alerts website http://www.police.tas.gov.au/alerts/road-closure-lighthouse-road-south-bruny/ for road closures.

Parsons Track, Caveside, closed until further notice

Updated 20 January 2017

 A recent thorough inspection of Parsons Track, which starts at Caveside, near Mole Creek, has confirmed extensive damage to the track due to collapsed culvert/bridges and a very large landslip. Rangers have deemed it unsafe for walkers until further notice.

Safety advice for Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff tracks

Updated 5 January 2017

From 9 January 2017, construction will begin on upgrades to the Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff tracks on the Tasman Peninsula. Walkers are advised that these tracks will be closed on Tuesdays to allow for helicopter operations to take place. For safety reasons, the tracks maybe temporarily closed at short notice on other days. When the tracks are open, walkers are advised to proceed with caution and follow all safety instructions. For further information phone 6250 3980.

Devils Gullet Walking Track CLOSED till further notice 

Updated 13th October 2016

Please note that the due to fire damage the walking track to Devils Gullet remains closed.

For further information please contact:

Great Western Tiers Field Centre 

Phone: 03 67012171 or 0418 569 563

West coast road closures

Updated 13 October 2016

Please note that the Crotty Road, Darwin Dam, Bird River and Mt Mc Call roads are closed due to a land slip. Emergency work has commenced. Reopening dates are not yet known.

Speeler Track (Cradle Mt) temporarily closed

Updated 14 September 2016

The Speeler Track at Cradle Mountain is currently closed whilst repairs are carried out on a bridge. 

For further information, contact Ph: (03) 6492 1133.

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