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Explore Three Capes this August


Tasmania's award-winning Three Capes Track has been a runaway hit with walkers, with more than 28,000 local, national and international visitors completing it since it opened in December 2015.More

Flags fly at Mount Nelson once again


Tasmania's first signal station has been restored more than 200 years since it began operation on Mount Nelson.

Southwest ecological burns important for orange-bellied parrot conservation


Planned ecological burns in Southwest National Park will help regenerate important habitat areas for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.More

Protection For Southport Lagoon


The significant natural and cultural values of the Southport Lagoon Conservation Area will be better protected under new recreational vehicle management arrangements.
Minister for Tourism, Parks and the Environment, Paula Wriedt, said that the Leprena Track, which had been closed for winter, will not re-open this Spring.
"This is as a result of the new Southport Lagoon Plan of Management," Ms Wriedt said.
"I have approved the management plan which is now awaiting approval from the Governor-in-Council."
"The plan was prepared in response to concerns from land managers, the community and recreational users about the increasing impacts of recreational vehicle use on the values of the Conservation Area.
"I visited the area last month to have a first hand look at the damage that has occurred and quite frankly I was shocked by what I saw."
"It's distressing to see the damage which has been done by some individuals who clearly have had no regard for the conservation values of the area and ruin it for others who behave in a responsible manner."
"It must be stressed that the majority of the recreational vehicle users are responsible and do not intentionally cause damage."
"Alternative access to Southport Lagoon will be provided via the Lagoon Track which will be re-routed to provide four wheel drive access to the northwest section of the lagoon.
"Work on this track will begin in Spring and is expected to take several months to complete depending on the weather."
"I'm sure that the recreational vehicle users will be able to appreciate the benefits of the new management plan for the conservation area."
"It is a significant and important step towards the rehabilitation of the Southport Lagoon Conservation Area."
Ms Wriedt said these changes are aimed at ensuring the long-term viability of the values for which the Southport Lagoon Conservation Area was reserved.