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Campfire restrictions extended due to increasing fire risk


In the interests of public safety, the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has brought in extensive campfire restrictions as the fire risk continues to increase this summer.More

Improved toilet facilities at Bruny Island


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed work on a new toilet facility at the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.More

Further upgrade to South Coast Track


The South Coast Track is one of Tasmania's great bushwalks, and the completion of recent upgrades has significantly improved the user experience along the track before the start of the peak walking season.More

Mount Field and Freycinet Reach Historic Milestone


Tasmanians are being invited to help celebrate 90 years since Mount Field and Freycinet became the State's first national parks.

Tourism, Arts and the Environment Minister, Paula Wriedt, said Mount Field and Freycinet are two of Tasmania's best loved and most visited national parks.

"Two open days, with free entry, have been organised at the parks and this is a great opportunity to celebrate the parks and reflect on what they mean to all of us," Ms Wriedt.

On August 29, 1916, the Scenery Preservation Board, the first authority in Australia to be set up for the creation and management of reserves and parks, formally reserved Mount Field and Freycinet as national parks.

Ms Wriedt said the Parks and Wildlife Service staff in the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment had organised open days on the next two weekends to mark the milestone.

Mount Field will mark its 90 years with an open day on Sunday, 20 August, with free entry and a range of activities.

Freycinet's activities are scheduled to run from Saturday 26 August to Tuesday 29 August, with free entry and activities on Sunday 27 August.

"The preservation of these parks is worth celebrating not only for their superb natural and cultural values, but also for the strong connection Tasmanians have had with them," Ms Wriedt said.

"They make a significant contribution to Tasmania's economy, with the scenic beauty of both parks ranking as a major drawcard for visitors to the State."

Mt Field usually attracts approximately 129,000 visitors a year, while Freycinet attracts 200,000.

For the full program of activities at each park, visit the PWS website: www.parks.tas.gov.au