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Exciting new proposal for Tasmania's South East Cape


Award-winning local tourism operator Ian Johnstone can now progress a new project to lease and licence negotiations under the Tourism Opportunities in Tasmania's National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land process.More

Wineglass Bay track upgrade complete


One of Tasmania's most iconic tourism experiences, the walk to Wineglass Bay from the lookout to the beach, has now re-opened after a $500,000 upgrade initiated through the Government's Tourism Infrastructure in Parks fund.

Tourism opportunity for Tasman Island


Tourists could soon enjoy the beautiful Tasman National Park from the air, as a change to the management plan could open it up for sensitive and appropriate aircraft access.More

Walking tracks upgraded


Improvements totalling $1 million have been made to popular walking tracks in national parks and reserves around the State, improving the walker experience and minimising environmental impact.
The Minister for Tourism, Arts and the Environment, Paula Wriedt, said Tasmania had an international reputation for excellence in track work.
"This reputation is due to the skill and experience of our track workers and staff," Ms Wriedt said.
"The Overland Track is safer for walkers with more than $180,000 of track maintenance and work being undertaken over the last year.
"Sections of track were hardened between Waterfall Valley and Lake Windermere and from Frog Flats to Pelion Hut. A substantial track upgrade at Pelion Gap is nearing completion.
"Maintenance in the Kia Ora area included clearing vegetation from the track and drains and repairs to huts and toilets."
Ms Wriedt said work in other parks and reserves around the State included:
· Hartz Mountains National Park - upgrading of the track from the saddle to the top of Hartz Peak and installation of large stones to form steps.
· Liffey Falls Reserve - improvements to make the track more accessible for a wider range of walkers.
· Freycinet National Park - New rest spots and a new two kilometre path to the popular Wineglass Bay lookout to provide safer access for a wider range of age groups and fitness levels. Track work will continue this summer.
· Wellington Park - work on five key tracks to remove overgrown vegetation and to reroute or upgrade wet sections.
· Western Arthurs (Southwest National Park) - track work in the Mt Hesperus and Lake Sirona areas.
Ms Wriedt said the track work around the State will greatly improve the level of comfort for walkers while also protecting the vegetation and landscape.