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Exciting new proposal for Tasmania's South East Cape


Award-winning local tourism operator Ian Johnstone can now progress a new project to lease and licence negotiations under the Tourism Opportunities in Tasmania's National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land process.More

Wineglass Bay track upgrade complete


One of Tasmania's most iconic tourism experiences, the walk to Wineglass Bay from the lookout to the beach, has now re-opened after a $500,000 upgrade initiated through the Government's Tourism Infrastructure in Parks fund.

Tourism opportunity for Tasman Island


Tourists could soon enjoy the beautiful Tasman National Park from the air, as a change to the management plan could open it up for sensitive and appropriate aircraft access.More

Macquarie Harbour Whale Stranding Update


A large sperm whale stranded in Macquarie Harbour has been successfully shepherded into deeper water. A number of members of its pod were found dead after stranding in the Ocean Beach area.

Parks and Wildlife Senior Ranger Chris Arthur said attention must now shift from the whale rescue operation in Macquarie Harbour to a monitoring program of the whale carcasses.

"There are currently whale remains located at Betsey Bay, Fraser Flats, and on the western shore of the harbour near Bonnet Island. The Nature Conservation Branch have taken samples for research, and report that the carcass on Ocean Beach has already begun to break up", he said.

"The isolated locations of the majority of carcasses and the fact that it's winter mean that the carcasses pose little risk to humans.

"We have had discussions with the Hobart Ports representative at Strahan and have been advised that the remains pose no hazard to shipping.

"There is no plan to bury the whales. Parks and Wildlife and our partners at Nature Conservation regard whale strandings as a Natural phenomenon, albeit sad and unpleasant.

"Given their isolation and subsequent low risk we will continue to monitor the natural process, and are meeting with the environmental health officer from the West Coast Council in regard to the situation", he said.