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Explore Three Capes this August


Tasmania's award-winning Three Capes Track has been a runaway hit with walkers, with more than 28,000 local, national and international visitors completing it since it opened in December 2015.More

Flags fly at Mount Nelson once again


Tasmania's first signal station has been restored more than 200 years since it began operation on Mount Nelson.

Southwest ecological burns important for orange-bellied parrot conservation


Planned ecological burns in Southwest National Park will help regenerate important habitat areas for the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot.More

Macquarie Harbour Whale Stranding



Efforts are underway to rescue a large sperm whale stranded in Macquarie Harbour. Parks and Wildlife Western District Manager Shane Breen said this evening that slow progress had been made to get the 12 metre sperm whale to deeper water.

"The whale is in slightly deeper water and appears to be OK with its breathing regular.

"A very careful operation is being undertaken to ensure the animal is not too stressed by the operation.

"We need to avoid the whale becoming stressed and entangled in the net.

"Twenty personnel including PWS, DPIWE, Police and local Fish Farm operators are currently working to free the whale which is in about 1.5m of water on Fraser Flats inside the Harbour.

"A 30m fishing net is being used between 2 fish farm vessels to attempt to 'crowd' the animal into deeper water.

"It is a technique that has been used successfully on Flinders Island in the rescue of a Sperm whale last year.

"Obviously conditions are very different here but the method is being trialled again.

"Sperm whales are occasional visitors to Tasmanian waters.

"There were eleven whales stranded on Flinders Island last November.

"In 1998, 62 Sperm whales were stranded on Ocean beach near Strahan.

"The cause of this stranding at this stage is unknown."