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Plastic tops the rubbish list on Macquarie Island clean-up


A recent clean-up of a small section of Macqaurie Island's coastline has yielded an astonishing quantity and variety of marine debris.

Noel Carmichael, Ranger-in-Charge at Macquarie Island Nature Reserve reported that plastic bottles topped the list of items recovered from the shoreline clean-up which was held in early June to mark World Environment Day.

The rubbish recovered included a total of 587 plastic bottles, 93 fishing bouys/floats, 181 pieces of polystyrene and 123 pieces of assorted plastic. Among the discards were also one syringe, one gumboot, a toothbrush, cigarette lighter and light bulb. One does wonder how the three lead cell batteries managed to float long enough to wash up on the beach.

Noel said the total weight of rubbish collected has yet to be tallied as most of it is still in cache points in the field and can't be weighed until it is transported back to station next summer.

The most intriguing item of litter was a message in a bottle. The message, which was barely legible, was written on Celebrity Cruises letterhead and dated November 2002. After much effort, the message was deciphered as, "If you find this note, please write me your name, date and location".

The expeditioners intend to make contact but it may take some time, as the contact e-mail address of the sender is unclear. There is more about this find in an article in the Mercury newspaper today.

Plastic tops the rubbish list on Macquarie Island clean-up

Noel Carmichael, Ranger-in-Charge at Macquarie Island Nature Reserve, with just a few of items recovered from the shoreline clean-up.