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Campfire restrictions extended due to increasing fire risk


In the interests of public safety, the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has brought in extensive campfire restrictions as the fire risk continues to increase this summer.More

Improved toilet facilities at Bruny Island


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed work on a new toilet facility at the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.More

Further upgrade to South Coast Track


The South Coast Track is one of Tasmania's great bushwalks, and the completion of recent upgrades has significantly improved the user experience along the track before the start of the peak walking season.More

Draft Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan


The Tasmanian Government has today released a draft of the updated Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area Management Plan.

The draft plan is about achieving balanced outcomes that are genuinely respectful of cultural and natural values, while at the same time recognising that the TWWHA is an area to be used, celebrated and shared with the world.

Through the plan, the Tasmanian Government is seeking to facilitate sensible and appropriate recreational experiences including new tourism oportunities through the EOI process. This plan is all about managing the area properly while ensuring we can use it to generate tourism and jobs.

This recognises the important role tourism plays in contributing to the economic wellbeing of the Tasmanian community. 

A new feature of the draft plan is an increased recognition of the cultural heritage and a greater emphasis on cooperation with Tasmanian Aboriginal people in the management of the TWWHA in order to properly recognise, preserve and celebrate its globallly significant cultural heritage.

This new approach represents an opportunity for fresh engagement with the Aboriginal Community in relation to cultural heritage and is a quantum shift from the approach adopted under previous plans.

The new draft is contemporary in its approach and reflects current understanding of effective management practices.

The draft plan also opens the discussion about dual naming of the TWWHA. The area will remain known as the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, and the Government is also exploring the potential for dual naming in consultation with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community. This, like all aspects of the plan, is open for public discussion through the consultation period.

Selective special species timber harvesting was already permitted in a small number of zones within the area.

The Tasmanian Government acknowledges and encourages the continued widespread community interest in the way the TWWHA is managed. We are particularly keen to make sure that anyone who wants to have a say can do so, which is why we have doubled the minimum statutory consultation period.

The formal public consultation period will commence on Monday 19 January and will conclude on Sunday 22 March 2015.

The draft plan will be available from this afternoon from www.dpipwe.tas.gov.au/twwha