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Campfire restrictions extended due to increasing fire risk


In the interests of public safety, the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has brought in extensive campfire restrictions as the fire risk continues to increase this summer.More

Improved toilet facilities at Bruny Island


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed work on a new toilet facility at the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.More

Further upgrade to South Coast Track


The South Coast Track is one of Tasmania's great bushwalks, and the completion of recent upgrades has significantly improved the user experience along the track before the start of the peak walking season.More

Update on parks and tracks affected by bushfires


The Friendly Beaches Road and campground will be open as of noon today as the fire threat eases in some areas. A number of restrictions remain in place at parks still affected by fire.

Mount Field National Park is open for day use only. The tracks around the visitor centre including Russell Falls and Tall Trees-Lady Barron Falls are open. The campground and alpine area tracks remain closed.

Freycinet National Park is open, including the tracks to Wineglass Bay. The Friendly Beaches Road and campground will re-open for visitors and campers at noon today.

Douglas-Apsley National Park is open.

Southwest National Park: the Giblin River fire is affecting the area between Port Davey and Lake Pedder.  Closed tracks include: the Port Davey Track, Old Port Davey Track, Junction Creek Track, Arthur Plains Track, Cracroft Valley Track, Blakes Opening - Huon Track and the Old River traverse.

The Scotts Peak Road, Mt Anne Circuit and Lake Judd Track are open. The Huon and Edgar campgrounds are closed.  Access is still available to Melaleuca, however visitors are advised not to travel north of Melaleuca.

Rocky Cape National Park Roads into Rocky Cape National Park are open for access to boat ramps and shacks.  All walking tracks in the park remain closed.

Tasman National Park has been affected by the Forcett fire. All Tasman National Park tracks are closed, including Waterfall Bay to Fortescue Bay, Cape Hauy, Cape Pillar, Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff. The Fortescue Bay Road and campground are closed.

Tracks in the Eagle Hawk Neck area remain closed.

Lime Bay State Reserve and the Remarkable Cave are both open.

For the latest information on bushfires go to the Tasmania Fire Service website www.fire.tas.gov.au or listen to your local ABC radio. Please note; decisions about park and track access are made by the agencies coordinating the bushfire response in the interests of public safety.