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Visitor safety under the spotlight in new walker safety video


Visitor safety in Tasmania's national parks and reserves has received a major investment with a suite of projects, including a new feature video on bushwalking preparation and safety.More

Draft Frenchmans Cap Recreation Zone Plan 2018


The Parks and Wildlife Service has released the Draft Recreation Zone Plan 2018 for the Frenchmans Cap area.More

Redeveloped Lake Tahune Hut now open


A locally designed and built, energy-efficient and sustainable hut is now welcoming bushwalkers at Lake Tahune on the Frenchmans Cap Track in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.More

More Wildcare conservation funding for Tasmania's coastal reserves


The Wildcare Coast Conservation Fund will continue its valuable work with conservation projects in coastal areas with recent donations totalling $32,000 to be allocated to additional island restoration projects and a Discovery Ranger program.

Wildcare Inc recently invited the Parks and Wildlife Service to submit priority coastal and marine conservation and management projects for consideration for funding from the Wildcare Tasmania Coast Conservation Fund. This fund was co-founded by Wildcare Inc and Rob Pennicott of Pennicott Wilderness Journeys to support coastal reserve management, marine mammal and seabird conservation and community awareness and participation.

Rob Pennicott has been the biggest donor to the fund, having donated $100,000 in total to this cause. Many others have made smaller donations to the fund.

To date the fund has provided $62,000 to the Parks and Wildlife Service in support of the successful eradication of feral cats from Tasman Island over a two year program, in the process saving the lives of around 50,000 seabirds annually.

This year the Gift Fund Committee has allocated a further $32,000 to two projects, the southern Tasmanian islands restoration project and the Discovery Ranger Coast Conservation Project.

The southern Tasmanian islands restoration project which began with the Tasman Island restoration project, will now move to other southern islands including Slopen, Wedge, Dart, Partridge and Betsy islands. The project  will survey and develop control programs for feral species that impact on native bird life. Islands present a real opportunity to restore native habitat and conditions with outstanding results for seabird populations.

The Discovery Ranger Coast Conservation Program will support Discovery Rangers over the summer period to undertake community awareness activities dealing with seabird conservation, marine conservation and coastal management around the State including the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area, reserves in the North-west and North-east, Freycinet, Maria Island, Tasman and South Bruny national parks.