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Horsetail Falls walk now open


Visitors to the West Coast are in for some spectacular views on the new Horsetail Falls walk near Queenstown.More

Bruny Island Neck lookout re-opens


The walkways and lookout at the Bruny Island Neck will re-open to the public today, following the completion of a new, larger car park that will provide improved access to the popular lookout.More

Maintaining vigilance with campfires


Parks and Wildlife Service staff have thanked the many campers who have heeded the restrictions placed on campfires and pot fires, but ask that park and reserve visitors continue to take care while the fire risk remains high in certain areas of the State.More

Arthur-Pieman management committee appointments


The Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Brian Wightman has appointed a new management committee for the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area.

The committee of six members will be chaired by Circular Head Councillor Ashley Popowski, with the other appointments including returning members Geoff King and Perry King and new members Lisa Nelson, Jenny Evans, Hank Horton and Rodney Dick.

Mr Wightman said the committee plays an important role in engaging with users of the reserve and provides advice, direction and support to the operations of the Parks and Wildlife Service field centre at Arthur River.

"The recent process of reviewing the Arthur-Pieman's four-wheel drive tracks has reinforced just how strong the community's ties to this area are and the passion that people have for its natural, cultural and recreational values," he said.

"It has also highlighted how important it is for the community to have a strong role in decision-making for the reserve.

"One of its first roles will be to finalise a sustainable access framework for Track 501; the one south of Johnston's Head to the Interview River.

"An access authorisation process is in a draft form and has preliminary approval from a range of 4WD stakeholders.

"The committee will be tasked with advising Parks and Wildlife and other stakeholders on what this access might look like.

"This committee includes a balanced cross-section of community interest in the Arthur-Pieman with a chairperson skilled in facilitation and members representing nature conservation and cultural heritage issues, local government, recreational uses of the reserve and  business skills.

"I believe that Mr Popowski, as a councillor with the Circular Head Council and with strong passion for the Arthur-Pieman region, will significantly assist the leadership of the committee.

"I am looking forward to working with the newly formed committee to engage users of the reserve in supporting overall management strategies to ensure that the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area continues to provide quality, safe, recreational experiences."

Mr Wightman paid tribute to the outgoing committee chair, Ross Britton who was chair of the earlier advisory committee for the reserve since 1993 and then chair of the current management committee since it was formed in 2002.

"Mr Britton's long-term commitment to the Arthur-Pieman has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.

"I would also like to acknowledge the valuable contributions made by outgoing committee members Sharalyn Walters and Ian Newman."