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Campfire restrictions extended due to increasing fire risk


In the interests of public safety, the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) has brought in extensive campfire restrictions as the fire risk continues to increase this summer.More

Improved toilet facilities at Bruny Island


The Parks and Wildlife Service has completed work on a new toilet facility at the Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve.More

Further upgrade to South Coast Track


The South Coast Track is one of Tasmania's great bushwalks, and the completion of recent upgrades has significantly improved the user experience along the track before the start of the peak walking season.More

Information sought about illegal shark fishing


The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is asking that the public contact ‘Fishwatch’ with any information that may assist an investigation relating to illegal shark fishing after a number of shark carcasses were found in a shark refuge area near Port Sorell on the June long weekend.

PWS Northern Region manager Chris Colley said that PWS staff at Narawntapu National Park were notified of a report of gummy shark carcasses and unborn baby sharks in the Rubicon River, Squeaking Point area.

An officer from Tasmania Police Service attended the area and confirmed that there were the remains of about nine gummy sharks which had been filleted and remnants of unborn baby sharks left on the side of the river near the end of Mill Dam Road.

The Rubicon River, Port Sorell is classified as a shark refuge area and the taking of shark is prohibited.

“Both Parks and Wildlife Service and Tasmania Police are concerned with this find as the taking of shark in any shark refuge area is considered a serious offence under the Living Marine Resource Management Act,” Mr Colley said.

Members of the public are asked to call ‘Fishwatch’ on 0427 655 557 with any information about this offence or any other fishing offences.  All calls to this number are considered confidential and any information received is treated accordingly.

Information sought about illegal shark fishing

One of the shark carcasses found in a shark refuge area near Port Sorell.