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Celebrating the achievements of landcarers


The Tamar Island Wetland Cares Volunteer Group has been recognised in the 2017 Landcare Tasmania Awards.More

Horsetail Falls walk now open


Visitors to the West Coast are in for some spectacular views on the new Horsetail Falls walk near Queenstown.More

Bruny Island Neck lookout re-opens


The walkways and lookout at the Bruny Island Neck will re-open to the public today, following the completion of a new, larger car park that will provide improved access to the popular lookout.More

Works to preserve Joe Lyons cottage


The Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, Brian Wightman, today welcomed the works being done by the Parks and Wildlife Service to help preserve the Joe Lyons Cottage.

Mr Wightman said the cottage is important to the Stanley community’s sense of place and is a significant part of Tasmania’s political history and heritage.

“Lyons Cottage is a simple structure and it represents the modest background of one of Tasmania’s most successful political representatives,” Mr Wightman said.

“It was in this single storey, weatherboard Victorian Georgian cottage that Joe Lyons was born in 1879 and he went on to become Tasmania’s only Prime Minister.”

The cottage, at Alexander Terrace, Stanley, contains antiques, historical photographs and family trees. The site is managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service and is open to the public, thanks to the efforts of a small group of volunteers.

The $60,000 preservation project, funded by the Tasmanian Government, includes essential maintenance works such as replacing the shingle roof, guttering and fascia boards, repainting and repair of the cottage’s exterior and painting the interior.

Mr Wightman said that major conservation works were carried out in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the building had reached a stage where further works were required to ensure its preservation into the future.

Works to preserve Joe Lyons cottage

Joe Lyons Cottage in the early stages of the renovations.

Works to preserve Joe Lyons cottage

Expert roof tiler Rob Moore (left) with Denis Backhouse of the cottage's volunteer caretaker group.

Works to preserve Joe Lyons cottage

The new shingles in place.