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Visitor safety under the spotlight in new walker safety video


Visitor safety in Tasmania's national parks and reserves has received a major investment with a suite of projects, including a new feature video on bushwalking preparation and safety.More

Draft Frenchmans Cap Recreation Zone Plan 2018


The Parks and Wildlife Service has released the Draft Recreation Zone Plan 2018 for the Frenchmans Cap area.More

Redeveloped Lake Tahune Hut now open


A locally designed and built, energy-efficient and sustainable hut is now welcoming bushwalkers at Lake Tahune on the Frenchmans Cap Track in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.More

Consultation period extended on Arthur-Pieman Tracks


Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage, David O’Byrne, said today that he was extending the consultation period on the Draft Arthur-Pieman Sustainable Recreational Vehicle Access Report by another month.

“I believe that the report represents an even-handed approach, as the majority of its recommendations have been agreed to by the Off-Road Vehicle Consultative Group,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“The report recommends no change to current access for around 80 percent of the 94 tracks identified in the report.  The remainder are proposed for summer use only or for closure and rehabilitation.

“However, I acknowledge that some concerns have been raised by users of the area.  I take these concerns seriously and have decided to extend the consultation period to 4 June 2010 as a result.”

Mr O’Byrne said that the Parks and Wildlife Service has worked very closely over a period of years with key community groups, the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area Management Committee and Off-Road Vehicle Consultative Group to improve the sustainability of recreational activities in the Arthur-Pieman. 

“The Tasmanian Government has also committed over $1.7 million to this project, which includes funds to upgrade some of the roads to shack sites in the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“I am keen to work with the community on how we can protect the important conservation, heritage and natural values of the area, while maintaining reasonable access for users so that so that recreational activities can be enjoyed sustainably into the future.”

Track recommendations will be finalised following input from the community and these will be implemented along with an improved off-road permit system.

Comments will be received until Friday, 4 June 2010 and can be forwarded by email to representations@parks.tas.gov.au or in writing to: Northwest Region Manager, Parks and Wildlife Service, 12 Short Street, Ulverstone 7315.

 The report is available on the PWS website at