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Dolphin stranding update


Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment staff have reported no further sightings at this stage of 11 of the dolphins returned into the Pieman River last night.

Parks and Wildlife Service Incident Controller, Chris Arthur, said sweeps of the river this morning had found one of the dolphins dead but no sign of the other 11 that were returned to the water late yesterday.

“It is certainly encouraging at this stage,” Mr Arthur said.

“We do know that four of those released were last seen near the mouth of the river and were moving well so we are hopeful they have made their way back out into the ocean.”

Mr Arthur said an unknown number of dolphins remain in the Pieman River and staff were continuing to monitor the river for further signs of them.

“We are hopeful that with weather conditions easing, the remaining dolphins in the river may be able to make their own way back out into the ocean.”

Mr Arthur said the body of the dolphin found this morning had been recovered and was being examined by a veterinarian and a dolphin specialist.

“At all strandings we have a process we work through and we are undertaking that here as well.

“That involves immediate priority on getting surviving animals back into the water and then undertaking necropsy and established sampling procedures on deceased animals that may assist in identifying a cause of death or possible factors in the stranding.

 “At this stage wildlife staff from the Department are working with an experienced marine mammal veterinarian and a dolphin specialist from the mainland to undertake that process.” 

Dolphin stranding update

DPIPWE staff (from left) Chris Arthur, Rachael Alderman and Kris Carlyon help to stabilise a dolphin stranded at the mouth of the Pieman River.

Dolphin stranding update

One of the stranded dolphins.

Dolphin stranding update

Three dolphins in shallow water near the mouth of the Pieman River.