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Celebrating the achievements of landcarers


The Tamar Island Wetland Cares Volunteer Group has been recognised in the 2017 Landcare Tasmania Awards.More

Horsetail Falls walk now open


Visitors to the West Coast are in for some spectacular views on the new Horsetail Falls walk near Queenstown.More

Bruny Island Neck lookout re-opens


The walkways and lookout at the Bruny Island Neck will re-open to the public today, following the completion of a new, larger car park that will provide improved access to the popular lookout.More

Changes at Cradle Mountain


Recent changes at Cradle Mountain include the opening of the extended visitor centre and a new Cradle manager for the Parks and Wildlife Service.

Parks and Wildlife Service Northwest Region acting manager Stuart Lennox said that following an extension to the visitor centre at the transit terminal site, all visitor information and retail services will now occur at the Cradle Visitor Centre located at the southern end of the former airstrip.

“This is another step forward in establishing a main arrival point on this site as identified in the 2003 Cradle Tourism Development Plan,” Mr Lennox said.

“This plan also identified that the long term vision for Cradle includes the development of a new purpose-built visitor centre at this site. This is subject to development approvals and funding and we’ll continue to work towards that goal.

“In the meantime the extended visitor centre will be a one-stop shop for visitors, providing information, park passes, tour and souvenir sales. The works will include a new barbecue shelter for visitors and additional toilet facilities,” Mr Lennox said.

“It follows on from a number of changes to visitor services at Cradle over recent years including the shuttle bus operation, the introduction of a Cradle day pass, changes to car parking, signage and a traffic audit.

“We recognise that Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania’s tourism icons and we are continually striving to improve the visitor experience at this important location.”

Mr Lennox also welcomed Mr Nic Deka as Parks and Reserves manager for Cradle Mountain. Mr Deka will be at Cradle on a six-month temporary transfer from the Department of Sport and Recreation where he was North and Northwest Regions manager.

“Nic brings a passion for the mountains and its recreational opportunities to this position. He also has a strong interest and proven experience in managing Tasmania’s assets and opportunities to meet community aspirations and be sustainable into the future,” Mr Lennox said.

The Cradle Visitor Centre will be open from 8.00am to 5.00pm daily. The Ranger Station and Interpretation Centre will continue to operate from its existing site within the park, with the Interpretation Centre providing a self-guided interpretation experience daily from 9.30am to 4.00pm.

Changes at Cradle Mountain

New manager at Cradle, Nic Deka and visitor services officer Leanne Davey in the new section of the Cradle Visitor Centre.

Changes at Cradle Mountain

The new Cradle Visitor Centre is a one-stop shop for visitors with information and retail products.

Changes at Cradle Mountain

The new section (right) of the Cradle Visitor Centre at the transit terminal site.