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Exciting new proposal for Tasmania's South East Cape


Award-winning local tourism operator Ian Johnstone can now progress a new project to lease and licence negotiations under the Tourism Opportunities in Tasmania's National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land process.More

Wineglass Bay track upgrade complete


One of Tasmania's most iconic tourism experiences, the walk to Wineglass Bay from the lookout to the beach, has now re-opened after a $500,000 upgrade initiated through the Government's Tourism Infrastructure in Parks fund.

Tourism opportunity for Tasman Island


Tourists could soon enjoy the beautiful Tasman National Park from the air, as a change to the management plan could open it up for sensitive and appropriate aircraft access.More

Track upgrade protects Mt Field's alpine area


Work is well under way on a major walking track upgrade in the Mt Field National Park alpine area. The focus of the works are the hardening of the current track from Lake Newdegate, across Newdegate Pass towards the Petersen memorial hut at K Col.

Mt Field senior ranger Brendan Moodie said: “This spectacular part of the park features an area of ‘string bogs’, small tarns and cushion plants that have been subject to damage over the years through trampling”.

“We’re using local rock sourced from adjacent scree slopes, to define and harden the walking surface. In other areas, duckboards and parallel planking will be used to allow the site’s normal drainage to remain unaffected. Rocks, timber and equipment are being moved to and around the site by helicopter to reduce the impact on the fragile vegetation,” Brendan said.

Field officers and three track workers have been camping on site during the three month project. A ‘bivvy’ hut has been dusted off from the original World Heritage Area track program, and has been flown onto the site situated at 1300 metres elevation, to provide accommodation in what can be a harsh environment. The team has already experienced sleet, snow and 100 kilometre per hour winds since they began work in January.

The works will also include erosion control on the popular Tarn Shelf track, in association with the WILDCARE Inc group, Friends of Mount Field volunteers.

 The $194,000 project is part of the Australian Government’s Jobs Fund initiative. It is expected to be completed before winter.


Track upgrade protects Mt Field

New track planking will help protect the sensitive alpine area at Mt Field.

Track upgrade protects Mt Field

Rock work also features in the track upgrade.