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Celebrating the achievements of landcarers


The Tamar Island Wetland Cares Volunteer Group has been recognised in the 2017 Landcare Tasmania Awards.More

Horsetail Falls walk now open


Visitors to the West Coast are in for some spectacular views on the new Horsetail Falls walk near Queenstown.More

Bruny Island Neck lookout re-opens


The walkways and lookout at the Bruny Island Neck will re-open to the public today, following the completion of a new, larger car park that will provide improved access to the popular lookout.More

Safety restrictions for Coles Bay Jetty


Safety restrictions are to be put in place at the Coles Bay jetty by the end of August 2009.

General Manager of the Parks and Wildlife Service, Peter Mooney, said the suspended portion of the jetty is in extremely poor condition and strict load restrictions are required to prevent possible failure.

"The safety of jetty users is paramount and the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is seeking the cooperation of the public as restrictions for use are put in place," Mr Mooney said.

"These include no vehicles on the suspended deck at any time, no access during severe weather and no heavy equipment, vehicle loading or large crowds. Concrete block barriers will be installed to prevent vehicle access and a load limit of 250 kg will also be in place."

The PWS has been working closely with Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) to explore future options for the jetty. This has included funding an independent Engineering Report and Concept Plan for replacement options.

This report confirms the findings of previous assessments, that the suspended section of the jetty needs to be replaced.

"The State Government recognises the importance of the jetty to the Coles Bay community. The Government is committed to ensuring that Coles Bay has an appropriate jetty facility and is looking closely at more appropriate management arrangements such as transferring responsibility to MAST.

"Funding options will be identified by the State Government as a matter of urgency and MAST will facilitate the tendering and management process for replacement.

"The safety restrictions being put in place are the first stage in moving towards this action."