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New lease of life for original lighthouse vents


As part of the ongoing conservation of the Cape Bruny and Maatsuyker Island lighthouses, a team effort has been underway to restore the original bronze vents from the lighthouses' lantern rooms.More

Record visitor numbers at Highfield Historic Site


Visitation numbers at Highfield Historic Site in Stanley have reached a record high, with 12,535 people visiting in the 12 months ending March 2018.More

Cradle Mountain shuttle bus tender awarded


A new bus fleet featuring environmentally friendly technology and vehicles with improved accessibility and increased capacity will help to meet increasing visitor numbers following the awarding of the tender to McDermott Coaches.More

Last pilot whale guided out to sea


Whale rescuers today successfully returned the last live whale stranded on Naracoopa Beach to the water.

Parks and Wildlife Service Reserves manager Chris Arthur said the adult female pilot whale was slung between two jet skis and taken off-shore before being released.

"The whale was seen to swim toward a group of whales in the area, several of which had been tagged by rescuers two days earlier.

"This rescue effort has seen 54 pilot whales and five bottlenose dolphins successfully returned to the sea.

"It has been a fantastic effort by everyone involved, particularly the King Island community, who have assisted in making possible one of the largest successful whale rescues in the State's history," Mr Arthur said.