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Exciting new proposal for Tasmania's South East Cape


Award-winning local tourism operator Ian Johnstone can now progress a new project to lease and licence negotiations under the Tourism Opportunities in Tasmania's National Parks, Reserves and Crown Land process.More

Wineglass Bay track upgrade complete


One of Tasmania's most iconic tourism experiences, the walk to Wineglass Bay from the lookout to the beach, has now re-opened after a $500,000 upgrade initiated through the Government's Tourism Infrastructure in Parks fund.

Tourism opportunity for Tasman Island


Tourists could soon enjoy the beautiful Tasman National Park from the air, as a change to the management plan could open it up for sensitive and appropriate aircraft access.More

Fire Danger Closes Park Walking Tracks


The Parks and Wildlife Service has advised that walking tracks at Freycinet, Maria Island and Douglas-Apsley national parks will be closed tomorrow (22 January) due to the very high fire danger.

The Tasmanian Fire Service has also declared a Total Fire Ban throughout the southern region for 22 January.

PWS Fire Operations manager Adrian Pyrke said the tracks closed for the day at Freycinet are the Freycinet Peninsula walking tracks, including the Wineglass Bay Lookout walk, Wineglass Bay/Hazards Circuit and Mt Amos walks. The Cape Tourville Road will also be closed. On Maria Island, the Mt Maria, Bishop and Clerk, Inland and Isthmus tracks will be closed. Walking tracks in the Douglas-Apsley National Park will also be closed.

"We appreciate that this will inconvenience some visitors however, it is a matter of public safety," Dr Pyrke said.
"The Freycinet Fire Management Plan identifies that when certain trigger points related to fire danger are reached, certain parts of the park should be closed to visitors.

"With the current extremely dry conditions and the strong winds predicted for tomorrow, any fire would be very difficult to control and has the potential to be extremely fast-moving, which could put visitors at risk in certain areas. The high winds also present a risk due to falling limbs and trees."

Other areas of Freycinet remain open, including the short walk at the scenic Cape Tourville, the Friendly Beaches area and beaches such as Honeymoon Bay.

Visitors should also be aware that additional closures may occur at short notice if weather conditions changes.

For further information contact the Freycinet Visitor Centre on 6256 7000 and Maria Island on 6257 1420.