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Development of Draft Pirates Bay Visitor Services Zone Site Plan


Planning for Pirates Bay

Background Information
The coastal attractions around Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck are visited by an estimated 240,000 visitors each year. For many years, there has been increasing traffic congestion and a lack of facilities for boaters, visitors and local residents.

Recently the Tasman Council and Tourism Tasmania released the Tasman Tourism Development Strategy, a document that aims at increasing overnight visitor stays and spending in the Municipality. One of the strategies in this document is to focus on the natural coastal precinct at Pirates Bay and to develop improved visitor facilities in this precinct.

Before better and/or additional facilities can be provided, a site plan must be produced that meets the legal requirements of the Tasman National Park and Reserves Management Plan 2001.

Pirates Bay Visitor Services Zone
The site plan will cover the area called the Pirates Bay Visitor Services Zone in the management plan. This zone includes the Tessellated Pavement State Reserve, Eaglehawk Neck Historic Site, Pirates Bay State Reserve, and the parts of the Tasman National Park at the Blowhole and Devil's Kitchen/Tasman Arch sites.

The Pirates Bay Visitor Services Zone is intended to serve as the principal location for the development of facilities for a high number of short term visitors to the Tasman National Park and other nearby reserves, while taking into consideration local community use and the needs of the boating public.

The Parks and Wildlife Service is keen to collect information that may be relevant to developing the site plan and would like to hear from you.

The development of the site plan has four stages:
  1. Isssues Identification
    Identification of issues that need to be considered in the development of the site plan.
    This stage of the planning process will run until 31st January, 2006.

    You can register your comments and issues here.
    The Issues Register will be available on the Pirates Bay Site Plan web pages once all of the issues are collated.

    You can also use this form to nominate if you would like to take part in the next stage of community consultation scheduled for February 2006.

  2. Community Consultation A series of focus group discussions, workshops and meetings will be held during February and early March 2006.

  3. Draft Site Plan A draft site plan will be released for public comment (due June 2006).

  4. Final Site Plan Finalisation and approval of the draft plan (due September 2006).

Copies of the Tasman National Park and Reserves Management Plan 2001 are available online.

For further information regarding the planning process, please contact the 7 Mile Beach Office on 62148100.

Development of Draft Pirates Bay Visitor Services Zone Site Plan

Pirates Bay, Tasman Peninsula