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Upgraded Julius River bridges improve visitor access


Bridge upgrades at the Julius River Regional Reserve are now complete.More

Viewing platform upgrades for Rocky Cape's Aboriginal heritage sites


Two viewing platforms have been replaced as part of visitor facility improvements at Rocky Cape National Park on the North-West Coast. The platforms are at the Lee Archer Cave and South Cave sites, which have highly significant Aboriginal heritage values.More

Urban focus for World Wetlands Day


'Wetlands for a sustainable future' is the theme for World Wetlands Day 2018. This international celebration of the significance of wetland environments is held annually on 2 February.More

Park Ideas - Hastings Caves

A magnificent outdoors and underground classroom

For enquiries please find all contacts on the office locations and contacts page. 

Parks staff are more than happy to talk to teachers in advance. Call to find out about pre-visit classroom ideas that will maximise the learning potential of your trip. 

Trained guides provide special tours for school groups. 

The entry cost includes a cave tour as well as access to the thermal springs pool and BBQ area. 


Hastings Thermal Pool
Things you can do

Discover Newdegate Cave with its beautiful formations – made of dolomite. 

• A wheelchair access path takes you on a forest walk nearby the pool. 
• Hot Springs track is slightly longer and takes you where the warm waters of one creek meet the cold waters of another. 

Enjoy a dip in the thermal pools and a picnic in the lush green surroundings. 

Look out for the remains of the timber cutting days – a log landing station and huge stumps 

Discover the trees and plants of the rainforest and their refreshing aromas. 

Feel the difference in the temperature of the creeks flowing near the springs. 

Look inside the Visitor Centre at the displays. 

Discover the springs in their natural state and through signs learn about the forest around you. 

Things you may be really lucky to see

Creatures in the caves – cave spiders and cave beetles. Look for the Macleay's swallowtail. These beautiful green-winged butterflies can sometimes be seen near the creek on the way to the caves. Walk quietly and look for platypus, trout and eels in the creeks. 

Things you may be really lucky to hear

The introduced lyrebird imitating other birds. Listen for them on your walk to the caves.