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Summary of Summary of Maria Island National Park Darlington Site Plan 1998

The full version of the Maria Island National Park Darlington Site Plan 1998 can be downloaded as a PDF File (384 Kb).


Darlington lies on the north-west tip of Maria Island National Park. The Park is situated off the south-east coast of Tasmania and access is by boat or plane. There is a jetty at Darlington which provides the main access point for the Park. The Park is in the Municipality of Glamorgan-Spring Bay.

The management plan for the Maria Island National Park designates management zones within the Park, one of which is the Darlington Zone. The management plan requires that a site plan be prepared for this Zone. The site plan must conform to the requirements of the management plan.

The Darlington Zone encompasses Darlington and its surroundings. The Zone is of considerable heritage significance. Darlington is characterised by a “complex cultural landscape which retains elements from many distinct phases of its development and history” (Godden Mackay, 1992). It receives the majority of visitors to the Park and the highest visitor impact. The main visitor facilities are located here and it is also the centre for administration and management of the island.

Although the adjacent waters of the Park are designated as the Marine Zone in the management plan, the interrelationship between what happens in the Darlington Zone and the Marine Zone is very important. For this reason, this site plan deals with some issues that encompass both zones.

The Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Primary Industries and Water is responsible for the implementation of this site plan.

Plan Scope and Structure

The intent of this site plan is to provide for conservation, management, and visitor use of the Darlington Zone in Maria Island National Park, consistent with the management objectives for the Zone set out in the management plan.

The plan briefly describes existing conditions, including the special heritage and environmental values of the area, existing facilities and current visitor use.

A description of proposed developments in the Darlington Zone is provided, giving specific details for key areas within the Zone. Next, the range of possible effects of the developments are identified and discussed. Following this, an environment and heritage management program is described for the planning, construction and ongoing management of development in the Zone.

Plan Implementation

The prescriptions of this plan are subject to the provision of funding and other resources sufficient to meet them, and may be prioritised by the Director of National Parks and Wildlife at the Director’s discretion according to resource availability.

Implementation of the plan will be staged concurrent with a monitoring program to assess any changes to the site and evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies.

Plan Review

The plan will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised ten years after its approval. Before any revised plan is approved, the review process will include a time of not less than thirty days for public comment upon the proposed revised plan.