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New lease of life for original lighthouse vents


As part of the ongoing conservation of the Cape Bruny and Maatsuyker Island lighthouses, a team effort has been underway to restore the original bronze vents from the lighthouses' lantern rooms.More

Record visitor numbers at Highfield Historic Site


Visitation numbers at Highfield Historic Site in Stanley have reached a record high, with 12,535 people visiting in the 12 months ending March 2018.More

Cradle Mountain shuttle bus tender awarded


A new bus fleet featuring environmentally friendly technology and vehicles with improved accessibility and increased capacity will help to meet increasing visitor numbers following the awarding of the tender to McDermott Coaches.More

Essential information for staying safe in our wilderness

The latest addition to the suite of safety initiatives launched by the Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) is a new feature video on bushwalking preparation and safety.

Visitor safety in our wilderness areas is of the highest importance and PWS wants to ensure all visitors appreciate how quickly weather conditions can change and how dangerous this can be. There is no better way to contrast the difference between blue skies one minute and a blizzard the next, than by showing it in action.

The new safety video produced using real park rangers at Cradle Mountain aims to educate visitors, from all backgrounds, to better understand what they are getting in to and how to be prepared.

The video is now featured on the PWS YouTube channel (also available with Mandarin subtitles) and Facebook page, as well as on the PWS website pages about planning for multi-day bushwalks and the Overland Track.

We encourage anyone planning a bushwalk to watch the video and review this important information.