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Consider for Sale

“Consider for Sale” means that the property has the potential to be sold. Whether or not it is sold will depend on more detailed assessment conducted by a separate process as part of the implementation phase of the CLAC Project.

This process will consider any conservation, Aboriginal, cultural and historic values, as well as resource values such as quarry materials, and issues such as landslip, accessibility and planning requirements (Council planning schemes still apply). Marketability will also be considered. In some cases, the costs of preparing a property for sale may not be warranted given the likely sale price. If the property proves suitable after these considerations have been taken into account, it will be offered for sale.

No expressions of interest in the purchase of particular properties are being recorded or considered as part of the Crown Land Assessment and Classification (CLAC) Project because the detailed assessment of sale suitability, and the type and timing of a property sale, will be determined in the implementation phase of the Project. Information on property sales will be available from the Department of Treasury and Finance or DPIW once the implementation phase assessment for that property is completed.

If the implementation phase does not consider a property suitable for sale, it will remain in Crown ownership, usually as a Public Reserve. In some cases, the property may be reserved under the Nature Conservation Act 2002 if there are significant conservation values that require reservation.

How will properties be offered for sale?

All property sales will be carried out in accordance with the Crown Lands Act 1976. If the implementation phase identifies a property as suitable for sale, it will be prepared for market.

A public sale will be conducted for those properties suitable to be sold on the open market. Properties designated as major sales to be sold on the open market will be listed by the Department of Treasury and Finance on their property sales website at www.treasury.tas.gov.au/propertysales. Any queries regarding the sale of a listed property can be directed to the appointed real estate agent or the contact indicated on the website listing. Minor property sales on the open market are listed on the Crown Land for Sale page.

Properties not suitable for sale on the open market, such as lots below the minimum planning scheme size or without access, will usually be sold for adhesion to an adjoining property. This is usually handled by Crown Land Services in the Department. Owners of any properties bordering Crown land to be sold in this manner will be advised of the proposed sale.

Properties with natural or cultural values may also be sold with a covenant to protect those values.

For further information

Contact: Crown Land Services

GPO Box 44
Phone: (03) 6233 6413
Fax: (03) 6173 0226
Email: CLS.Enquiries@parks.tas.gov.au