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Activity teacher notes 3.9

3.9 Solving problems in parks - prioritising work

Levels: S, SS
Focus curriculum areas: Society and history
Supporting curriculum area: English/literacy
Key concepts: Management plans, prioritisation

committee meeting

Understanding goals

Students make decisions and prioritise work plans, using a park management plan as an example.


1. Choose and research one of the following management plans for Tasmanian national parks.

2. Name three issues or problems that managers face in your chosen park. Beside each list at least one possible plan of attack. Fill in a table similar to the following example:

Macquarie Island - work plan

Issue Plan of action Who would you need to discuss this with?
Visitors potentially bringing weeds on footwear to Macquarie Island    
Making sure boats do not fish in the marine protected area    
High numbers of rabbits are destroying the vegetation    

Research huts need repair


3. Imagine you are the park manager. You have limited money and limited staff. How would you prioritise the above issues? Number the issues in the order that you would tackle them.

4. If you were a park manager in a park (not necessarily the one above), what aspects of management would be personally most important to you? How do you think that would differ from your staff’s priorities?

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