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Activity teacher notes 3.7

3.7 What activities are OK in parks?

Levels: P, S, SS
Focus curriculum areas: Society and history
Supporting curriculum area: English/literacy
Key concepts: Regulations, social responsibilities, protection, opinion

walking a beagle in a park

Understanding goals

Students look at management issues of public access in parks.

Students to identify appropriate activities.


1. In pairs, spend 5 minutes discussing:

a) Whether people should be allowed to go wherever they like within a national park. Are there any reasons why people should not be allowed to go to some areas? (Hint: what about seal and bird breeding seasons?)

b) Should people be allowed to build shacks in national parks?

c) Should people be allowed to permanently camp or set up their caravan permanently in national parks?

Listen to two examples of students discussing the issue of dogs.

... and motorcycles in national parks.

2. What would happen if we had no management plans within our parks?

3. Explain why you think some activities are damaging and why some might be appropriate.

4. Use the table below or this PDF [92KB] to dicuss whether you think these activities should these be allowed in parks.

Activities Reason this may be damaging Reason this is appropriate
Mountain biking    
Horse riding    
Camping anywhere    
Uncontrolled building    
Uncontrolled visitor numbers    
Fishing and shooting    

5. Choose one of the above topics to use for a class debate.

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