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Smoke at The Neck Campground, Bruny Island


The Neck Campground on Bruny Island remains open this Easter. However there is a considerable amount of smoke in the vicinity of the camping ground following this week's fuel reduction burn.More

Fuel reduction burn at Risdon Vale


The Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) will undertake a planned burn of 136 ha at Risdon Vale, Hobart, tomorrow, weather permitting.More

Macquarie Island free of pests


The Macquarie Island Pest Eradication Project has been declared a success.More

Three Capes Track Project


Cape Pillar
(Photo courtesy Tourism Tasmania/Joe Shemesh)
The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service’s largest and most ambitious track project, the Three Capes Track, is gaining momentum.

The vision is for the Three Capes Track to be Australia’s premier coastal walk, taking in the stunning sea cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula, including Cape Raoul, Cape Pillar and Cape Hauy. The multi-day bushwalk is located in the Tasman National Park. It will travel east, with a boat leg across Port Arthur Bay, and finish at Fortescue Bay.

The project is funded by both the Australian and Tasmanian Governments, with the Australian Government contributing $12.5 million and the Tasmanian Government $12.8 million. It is expected that private investment in facilities could total an additional $8 million.

The first walkers are expected to embark on the track in November 2015.

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