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Urban focus for World Wetlands Day


'Wetlands for a sustainable future' is the theme for World Wetlands Day 2018. This international celebration of the significance of wetland environments is held annually on 2 February.More

Activity Teacher Notes 2.2

2.2 Find the National Parks of Tasmania

Levels: LP, P, S
Focus curriculum areas: Society and history
Key concepts: Research, atlas use

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet NP

Understanding goals

Students investigate one national park in detail. This may be a homework/library/websearch/project.

Students calculate the distance and travelling time to national parks near their home.


Research a Tasmanian national park


1. Choose one national park. (You can use the list in Getting to know Tasmania, or from the map and list on the Parks and Wildlife web site.)

HINT: You may need to look really closely at the maps and pictures on the website.

  1. What is the park well known for?
  2. What are the popular activities in that park?
  3. What are the common animals in that park?
  4. What type of vegetation is there?
  5. Does it have any special geological sites?
  6. Any Aboriginal sites?

g) Any European heritage sites?

h) Present your findings about your park to the class.

Parks closer to home

2 Which two national parks are nearest to your home? Using a road map, see how many kilometres they are away. Estimate the time it would take to drive there if you drove at 80 km/hr.

3. Choose a national park you would like to visit during your next holidays. Why did you choose it?

  1. Driving at 80 km/hr, how long would it take to drive there? (Allow an extra 15 mins for stops every 2 hours.)
  2. What would you like to do there?
  3. What wildlife do you think you might see? Investigate techniques to discover and record what animals are present in an area.
  4. What are the special features of this park?
  5. What sort of weather can you expect to experience in this park? How would this information affect your plans to visit?

4. Design a poster aimed at local Tasmanians highlighting one or more national parks and showing why they are great places to visit.


Road Map of Tasmania [PDF 3.7MB]

List of National Park Names [PDF 24KB]

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