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Viewing platform upgrades for Rocky Cape's Aboriginal heritage sites


Two viewing platforms have been replaced as part of visitor facility improvements at Rocky Cape National Park on the North-West Coast. The platforms are at the Lee Archer Cave and South Cave sites, which have highly significant Aboriginal heritage values.More

Urban focus for World Wetlands Day


'Wetlands for a sustainable future' is the theme for World Wetlands Day 2018. This international celebration of the significance of wetland environments is held annually on 2 February.More

Stage Three of Three Capes Track complete


Stage Three of the award-winning Three Capes Track has now been completed. The Cape Raoul and Shipstern Bluff lookout tracks have been upgraded to a class 3 dry boot standard track consistent with the existing Three Capes walks.More

Park Ideas - Mole Creek

Climb a mountain from the inside!

For cave tour, enquiries and bookings please find all park contacts at the office locations and contacts page.

Go on a 45-minute tour through Marakoopa Cave and see the magnificent underground chambers.


Mole Creek cave group

 Things you can do

  • • Walk through Gondwanan rainforest, see the tree ferns, myrtle and sassafras. 
  • • Follow the creek on the 500 m walking track and look out for karst features along the way (20 mins). Use the picnic shelters and BBQ area. 
  • • See the beautiful Tasmanian yellow gums shedding their bark.

Things you may be lucky to see

Glowworms – one of the largest evening displays in Australia 
Cave crickets, pseudoscorpions and cave spiders can be found living on the cave walls. More information on cave critters can be found here.
Anaspides, the little mountain shrimp, lives in the creeks. 
Platypus are occasionally seen swimming in the creek.